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June 1, 2023

Wisdom for Your Week: Unleashing the Symphonic Creativity of Every Unique Self

marc-gafni-headshot-2012On July 6, 2013 Simple Life host Cynthia Fernandes interviewed Dr. Marc Gafni, who shared with her and her audience some of the most cutting-edge teachings on Unique Self and the self-organizing principle of Evolutionary Unique We-Space.

They discuss:

  1. why people have a deeper need to start playing a larger game and stop doing business as usual.
  2. why people tend to close down when confronted with the huge challenges we are facing as humanity and what we can do about this.
  3. the path from Ego through True Self to Unique Self and what it means to be an outrageous lover.
  4. the clues to recognizing your Unique Self.
  5. how we can “unleash the symphonic creativity of every Unique Self” and how this is key to solving every challenge in the world.
  6. why both happiness as well as profit cannot be pursued directly – they are the natural by-product of living our Unique Self and striving for excellence.

Listen to the interview here and read the synopsis of some of the keypoints below:


A partial transcript/synopsis of some of the keypoints from the interview:

Cues to recognizing your Unique Self (starting ~24:00)

  1. Start by getting a feeling for yourself, for the quality of your uniqueness, the special taste of your essence.
  2. Make a list with 5 columns. List:
    1. 3 unique pleasures
    2. 3 things I would do today even if I was not paid for them
    3. 3 things I enjoyed doing when I was young that I forgot because they didn’t fit in (if you can’t remember, ask a couple of friends who knew you back then)
    4. 3 unique talents you possess in your own view
    5. 3 unique needs in my circle of influence that are real and substantive
  3. Recognize the connections: Your Unique Self is precisely where your unique pleasures, your unique talents, your unique gifts meet the world’s needs.

Unleashing the symphonic creativity of every Unique Self (starting ~27:20)

Your world is inseparable from the larger world. When you fulfill that need in your world, it will ripple out into the world–from one person to the next. In science we call that self-organization. Self-organization is an evolutionary process where every part of a greater whole acts locally, thinks locally, yet all those local actions and local thoughts have a global impact.

For example in an ant hill, which in total acts like a very intelligent being, every ant responds to the signals of the ant next to him, which responds to the signals of the ant next to him, which… There is a ripple of communication rippling through the whole ant hill that creates from all those local unconscious actions this global ant hill that does things that are massively intelligent.

Imagine a Unique Self symphony in which every Unique Self is–not trying to solve the problems of the world, for that doesn’t work. Communism and socialism tried to solve the problems of the world top down and killed about 100 million people in the twentieth century in that process. Instead I engage the unique needs in my system–bottom up, through self-organization–not unconsciously like an ant, but as a conscious choice to live my Unique Self.

In doing that I begin to effect that wavelike love-intelligence that starts to spread through the system resulting in unlimited creativity. Our resources are limited; our creativity isn’t. By unleashing the symphonic creativity of every Unique Self we can solve every challenge in the world.

It starts with YOU in your circle of intimacy, in your circle of influence, stepping up to play a larger game–to be an outrageous lover committing outrageous acts of love that are yours to commit. And that is the gift, joy, delight, and responsibility of your life.

The pursuit of happiness and profit (starting ~35:05)

You cannot pursue happiness directly. It always runs in the other direction. The only way to find happiness is by the passionate pursuit of something other than happiness–of your Unique Self. Happiness is a by-product of living your Unique Self story.

The same is true for profit. If a business pursues profit as its main goal, it often closes. But if you pursue excellence in your business, profit often follows as a natural and appropriate by-product.

 Watch a TEDx-talk with Dr. Marc Gafni here>>>


About Kerstin Zohar Tuschik

Kerstin Zohar Tuschik works for CIW as Executive Director, Scholar and Author, and by representing the Center in the German-speaking countries. Besides studying Human Resources Development, Integral Theory, Project Management, Dance, and Physics, she has been on a conscious path of spiritual and personal growth for more than 20 years. She is a student of Unique Self, World Spirituality, and Conscious Eros, and a Senior Teacher of the Unique Self method in Europe.

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