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February 9, 2023

What’s the difference between interfaith, inter-religious, interspirituality, perennial philosophy, and world spirituality?

There are several kinds of spiritual expressions today. They are all expressions of universal spirituality and World Spirituality includes all of them. In a recent audio dialogue posted on Spirit’s Next Move, CWS Director Marc Gafni discusses the similarities and differences among several major different types of post-conventional spirituality. The comments posted on Marc Gafni: Dual Citizen delineate the essential distinctions he sees.

After reviewing the major alternatives, Marc concludes:

World Spirituality takes a perspective on all of these and deeply bows to each one of them, and at the same time says that they’re true and partial… basically what it says is that if we just respect each other we lose the traditions. Just respecting is a great thing to do, but what that means is that we’re being guided by pre-modernity. We receive reverentially the contributions of pre-modernity and we recognize a difference between surface structures and depth structures…

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