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November 26, 2022

Welcome back to Spirit’s Next Move!


Today the Center for World Spirituality re-launches our daily weblog, Spirit’s Next Move. After taking a hiatus over the summer and a little bit longer, we are pleased to resume putting a spotlight on the movings of spirit in the world. If you track this blog, you will be tracking a beacon of spirit which shines upon the latest news, teachings, and insights which we come to our attention.

As you may know, my name is Joe Perez and I wear the hat of Executive Editor of the Spirit’s Next Move. In this role, I have the great fortune to be collaborating with Marc Gafni, Ken Wilber, Sally Kempton, Mariana Caplan, Vidyuddeva, and many other regular and guest contributors to the weblog. As part of our team including Chahat Corten and Lesley Freeman, I also participate in bringing the content of this blog into social media… and actively participating in fostering a growing community of World Spirituality practitioners who meet online.

Marc Gafni, Director and Scholar-in-Residence of the Center for World Spirituality, will helm the publication as Editor-in-Chief. His dynamic and enthusiastic style, married with the heart of a lover, the mind of a scholar, and the spirit of a mystic, provides constant leadership. Our aim is to present a daily glimpse into the workings of spirit in the world’s evolution today. We are not merely linking to information, but linking the context of contemporary thought and news to the perspectives emerging from today’s Integral World Spirituality movement.

One of our first features is an extended series of recorded dialogues between Marc Gafni and Ken Wilber on the role of Unique Self in contributing to the Next Chapter of Integral Spirituality. Don’t miss it! Ken Wilber, of course, is a leading voice in the World Spirituality movement. The AQAL Framework (All Quadrants, All Levels) which he pioneered is a touchstone in our vision, our values, and our vocation. Ours is an emergent vista within the broader Integral landscape, one which also extends beyond the existent culture of the integral movement into new territories.

We live in a world in which at millions of children die of hunger every year, we face a global climate and energy crisis, human rights are in tatters in many dozens of countries, and we must combat other increasingly dire world-centric challenges with what fragmented and selfish consciousness is to be found in tribalistic and ethnocentric cultures too often distorted by fundamentalism in both religious and secular flavors.

So… Our time demands action. Action demands having the self-knowledge of firstly recognizing our interdependence on each other, and secondly seeing our collective interdependence on the forces of evolution. We require the faith to believe that the evolutionary impulse is in fact God, the Spirit of Love alive in our midst, until such faith finds a home in the knowledge of Self as All-That-Is. In other words, until we attain the True Self realization taught by Eastern masters for thousands of years and the Unique Self realization taught by hidden (esoteric) Hebrew, Christian, and Islamic mystics for centuries.

Today the Center for World Spirituality is providing thought leadership and community building in order to bring these two enlightenment traditions together, East and West, under the label of World Spirituality based on Integral principles. In my opinion, the exact labels aren’t that important in the final analysis. But bringing hope is important. Transmitting Self-knowledge is important. Giving the gift of Love is important. Creating bold solutions together is important. Make room for We-space to emerge, letting the Unique We evolve us as one despite all the forces of chaos and malice that pull us apart.

CWS is doing our work with the help of literally thousands of people from every continent on Earth, with special hubs in San Francisco, New York, and the Netherlands. We are proud to have Facebook fans in over a hundred countries. And our European members have recently created World Spirituality Europe and we are all looking forward to seeing the next move of spirit in the old country.

I know that if you follow the bloggers I’ll be featuring on the Spirit’s Next Move blog, you will be as impressed as I am with the depth, distinction, and delightful-ness of the writing. As for me, please don’t expect perfection from my writing and editing. Blogging at a daily pace leaves little time to worry about always saying the right thing; I will be happy if I can keep it real while helping to create a space for spirit to work its magic.

Love & Light,

Joe Perez
Executive Editor, Spirit’s Next Move

About Joe Perez

Joe Perez is a spiritual mentor, author, poet, and scholar. He is best known for his 2007 book Soulfully Gay. one of the first memoirs in the tradition of World Spirituality based on Integral principles. He serves as a Scholar-in-Residence at the Center for Integral Wisdom. His work in progress includes Gay Spirituality and Kalen O'Tolán.

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