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June 1, 2023

Two Recent Letters following the Venwoude Mystery School/Summer Festival of Love with Marc Gafni

Letter from CWS Board Member and Unique Self Teacher Chahat Corten.

chahat-corten-100x100Dearest friends and partners,

How can I even start to describe to you the shower of Grace and Love, Deep Dharma transmission from Spirit via Marc that has happened here last week in the eight days of the second gathering of the CWS / Venwoude Mystery School of Love at Venwoude in Holland.

Some 150 people gathered, indeed from all over the world, to create together a field of Outrageous Love, visioned, held, loved open, and sustained in the most profound and wondrous way by Marc.

There was an unwavering stream of teaching, that was deepened and embodied in many afternoon workshops and musical & dance happenings in the evenings. The level of synchronicity that I experienced between the core morning teachings of Marc, the afternoon workshops, and all the other offerings was so magical that it sometimes took my breath away.

Many of us who have been studying with Marc now for more than three years experienced an enormous deepening in the transmitting of the teaching on the 12 principles of Eros.

It was as if we were all invited and given the grace for yet another new level of understanding.

Wow, wow, wow, I was so happy to see so many of the people deepen, evolve, and transform in the way they did.

Last Friday, Marc gave his last teaching of the event, and right after that he flew to Chicago.

People actually experienced that as one big demonstration of the big piece that Marc is holding in the unfolding of a world of outrageous love: giving the Festival all you have and moving on to the next place.

We went on for another day, and in the last morning, we sat together in an outrageous act of love; each one who had a computer or smart phone or iPad, used it or made the entries for the ones that did not bring their gadgets. We wrote some 255 love letters committing to outrageous acts of love.

We went in a ritual procession to the pyramid where they were sent, in what Marc calls ‘Silence of Presence,’ with a big YES every time someone hit the send button!!

In between teachings, which were all filmed, Marc held one-on-one student sessions, meetings on the web product we are making from this, and meetings on unfolding the vision for the next years Festival and the years after. It was a full, full, full, beautiful, and awesome explosion of Outrageous LOVE!!!

Thank you, Marc, deep deep bow and total acknowledgement for your relentless, profound love energy you are inviting us to.

I cannot tell you how deeply grateful I am to spirit for bringing you, CWS, and Venwoude together.

And, I am totally looking forward to meeting all of you again in person on any occasion, for sure and God willingly at next year’s event.

Much much love and blessings to all of you in your Holy life and your Holy work.

(outrageous loving all the time)

Chahat Corten
CWS Board

sending love letters at venwoude 2013 3

Facebook post from participant at Venwoude:

Still in the afterglow of Venwoude!……The festival of Love….how simple these words may sound. They reflect the full splendor, and even more than that, of 7 days of being immersed in the mystery world of EROS.

The teachings of Marc were so profound that I am just beginning to get a glimpse of what they really mean. Personally, I was most intensely struck by the manifestation of what Marc considered to be one of the most essential dimensions of EROS’ unfolding: “The unity of giving and receiving of love.”

It was all there! I can only speak from my personal experience when I give testimony of having received so much love (with Marc as a mysteriously deep source of it all) that my heart opened up spontaneously. What streams out then is a natural gift from source. When it is being received as such, it immediately transforms as a giving back to the other. What follows then is an outrageous dance of love, for giving and receiving are indeed united in their very source!

I almost feel shy and inhibited in the lyrics of these words. But take my word for it, this is how we were, all of us, for we wrote hundreds of outrageous love letters and presented these, as a gift, to Marc (who puts them on a special website:

The whole structure was fully integral. We all shared, more or less, the same values, and we really encouraged each other to live accordingly. And they were amazingly expressed in the external manifestation of wonderful workshops allover. So there was full alignment in the four quadrants, and that culminates in very powerful experiences and insights.

Deep bow and gratitude to all the people who organized this festival. Many of whom are members of this group.

Last, but not least, I want to express my deep-felt joy for having met so many of you in this living experience. You are all enclosed in my heart! (and I shall not lightly forget this magical moment we had together with Marc when we were united in the library)!

~Participant in Awakening Your Unique Self Telecourse and Venwoude Summer of Love Mystery School

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