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May 28, 2023

Three Steps to the Democratization of Enlightenment

This white paper, “Three Steps to the Democratization of Enlightenment,” by Marc Gafni suggests that the Democratization of Enlightenment is the evolution of an enlightened society, with Enlightenment defined as knowledge of one’s own True Identity. Accordingly, three conclusions are drawn: First, that enlightenment is sanity and hence a necessary ingredient for all individuals, not merely for elites. Second, attaining Enlightenment does not involve denying individuality, but grasping a key distinction between separateness and uniqueness. Third, the goal of enlightenment is said to be not the evolution beyond ego, but beyond exclusive identification with ego. After these three findings, the Marc Gafi suggests that the Democratization of Enlightenment is essential both for individual mental health as well as planetary survival.

“Three Steps to the Democratization of Enlightenment” was originally published in the October 2012 issue of Integral Leadership Review.

About Marc Gafni

Marc Gafni is a visionary scholar, philosopher, and wisdom teacher. He is teacher-in-residence and co-initiator of the Center for Integral Wisdom. He is the leading theorist and teacher of Unique Self enlightenment, an emergent post-postmodern wisdom lineage which builds on his national bestseller Soul Prints, winner of the Nautilus Award for Best Spirituality Book, as well as the highly acclaimed Your Unique Self (2012) and Radical Kabbalah (2012), which is based on his doctoral dissertation at Oxford University.


  1. […] 8:5   The ordination ritual of Aaron and his sons. A very detailed description of the Temple cult. The role of the rabbi is very different today. We don’t have the same level of ritual purity and instead focus on study and prayer. Here we have a description of the special clothing worn by priests. Aaron has four items that are unique to him. The umin and thurmin are speculated to be twelve stones that were stored in the breastplate – that reflected each of the tribes. About the time the temple was destroyed there was a consciousness of the corruption of the priesthood. Note that woman had a more active role in medieval Judaism than is generally thought. If the men were busy studying someone had to run the household and the business. SF There is something called the democratization of enlightenment which is self-actualization that effectively describes this process of change. See: https://www.ievolve.org/three-steps-to-the-democratization-of-enlightenment/ […]

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