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June 1, 2023

The weekend of loving outrageously

The Center for World Spirituality is pleased to share a spontaneous artistic creation inspired by a recent event of ours in connection with Shalom Mountain. John Tarcza tells us that a “wild idea started to stir and evolve uncontrollably” in him while editing audio recordings from the weekend. He combined a few minutes of reflections by Marc Gafni with music (Erik Satie Gnossienne No. 1, Buddha Bar remix) … and created this wonderful combination. John has graciously allowed us to share it with you.



The one thing we all know is true
Every one of us in the room
Is that we live in a world of outrageous pain, outrageous pain
Beyond imagination

The world’s an outrageously painful place
And the only response to outrageous pain
Is outrageous loving

So I want to invite everyone to actually do a reset on intention
And to actually play one step larger
And say if you dare, if I dare,
That I want to be a lover
For the sake of the evolution of Love
Boldly, clearly, the evolution of Love
Depends on me

If I evolve as a lover, love evolves with me
In a world of outrageous pain, I need to be an outrageous lover
Because that’s the only possible response

Then let this be the weekend of loving outrageously
Break the boundary!
This is a weekend of holy seduction
To break the inappropriate boundaries that keep us small

What is ego?
Ego is one thing: ego is contraction, coiled contraction
When you uncoil the contraction,
When you open up, you break the boundary
Love always breaks boundaries

I want to invite everyone not only to stay present
You can stay present on any weekend
Not only to be open to the flow, to be an enlightened master,
But to dare to be an outrageous lover
Can you feel the difference in that?

I want to be this weekend an outrageous lover
I want to break every boundary of love that ever existed in me,
That has ever stopped me, that’s ever occluded me, that’s ever contorted me, distorted me
And dare to love outrageously

Be an outrageous lover
Because the world’s outrageously painful
If you don’t think the world’s outrageously painful
Either you’re not connected to your own inner essence
Or you’re lost in some occluded world
You’re actually not aware of what’s going on everyplace, everywhere

Who in this room hasn’t experienced outrageous pain?
And the only response to outrageous pain is outrageous loving.

About Marc Gafni

Marc Gafni is a visionary scholar, philosopher, and wisdom teacher. He is teacher-in-residence and co-initiator of the Center for Integral Wisdom. He is the leading theorist and teacher of Unique Self enlightenment, an emergent post-postmodern wisdom lineage which builds on his national bestseller Soul Prints, winner of the Nautilus Award for Best Spirituality Book, as well as the highly acclaimed Your Unique Self (2012) and Radical Kabbalah (2012), which is based on his doctoral dissertation at Oxford University.


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