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March 30, 2023

The Democratization of Enlightenment (Part 9): Integral Embrace of Eastern and Western Enlightenment

By Marc Gafni

“To take the next step, to move towards a higher integral embrace in which we can actually bring the Western and Easern enlightenment in conversation with each other. And again when I saw Eastern enlightenment, I mean also certain forms of mystical enlightenment which appeared in the West, but this is just shorthand. The way to bring them into a higher integral embrace, into a higher evolutionary unfolding, and to invite a kind of awakening in which the great goods of Eastern enlightenment and Western enelightenment are held together we need to understand and point out an essential mistake, an essential fallacy in both the Eastern understanding of enlightenment and Western enlightenment. Both of them made a central mistake which limits their understanding of each other. That mistake, that basic mistake, is a confusion or a conflation of separateness and uniqueness…”

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