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June 1, 2023

The Climax of the Summer Festival of Love 2015: Evolutionary Relationships, Unique Gender and the Unique Self Symphony

The dharma of Outrageous Love, Eros, and Unique Self has never been more alive than during those last couple of days. Evolutionary Relationships and Unique Gender are connecting the dots between the Awakening as a Unique Self and the Unique Self symphony.

“We are the erotic mystics reweaving and evolving the source code of reality.” – Marc Gafni at the Summer Festival of Love 2015

Marc Gafni first published a version of the lines and circles teaching in his book, The Mystery of Love (Atria, 2003).

The teaching has evolved dramatically over the last 13 years. He gave a more advanced version of it in Venwoude several years ago to a small inner group at the community. The version we heard at the Festival is the deepest and most advanced version we have of this dharma.

“All forms of reality that don’t have in them
the marriage of masculine and Feminine
are no reality at all.
There is no higher form.
They have no potency and no blessing in them.”
“Blessing only flows when the Masculine and the Feminine dance in their Higher One.”
– The Zohar

Testimonial by participant David Steel:

What an incredible blessing this week has been. I have had the opportunity to study and learn with one of the great teachers of our time. I know that in many ways I will never be the same. I have truly begun to understand and appreciate my “Unique Self.”

The following is a condensed summary of the dharma of the second part of the festival with many quotes or paraphrased statements from the teachings.

[To read a summary of the first three days, click here: “Lines & Circles: A new Dharma on Unique Gender at the Venwoude Summer Festival of Love“.]

In the evening of day 5, Ken Wilber called into the Conference adding his wisdom on Gender from an AQAL perspective, engaging “in the kabbalistic process of Tzimtzum,” as Marc called it, and “contracting brilliance and light into a single point of ten minutes which communicated something profound and potent and game changing.”

At the end of his talk Ken concluded (paraphrased from his talk):

We as humanity are at such a high level of consciousness that we actually have a choice which characteristics we want to embody. Each Unique Self is a unique embodiment of lines and circles. For the first time in history we can select our own gender profile.

The participants responded with love, appreciation, and a standing ovation for him.

On day 5 and 6, a profound healing of the Masculine (or what we preferred to call the line quality) in its beauty happened, it radiated from every face of both men and women as well as from the spaces in between. We were and still are in awe of what is possible in just a few days together in devotion to the dharma, when the Unique Self symphony comes alive.

On day 7, we finally entered the circle. This is what I wrote immediately after the teaching to capture some of the essence of what happened:

Today we moved deeply into circle energy. After days of lines, the Goddess entered the room so gracefully. The room was set up in circles, the sun was shining, and even the dharma came down in a different way than the days before: with soft voice, spaciousness, openness, being on the inside, and in a more interwoven way instead of linear qualities.

We all relaxed and opened ourselves into it, while the necessity became so clear to deeply merge lines and circles because without the discernment and clarity of the line the circle becomes the terrifying destructive force that allures everything into her until it explodes.

Hieros Gamos, the Divine Marriage, entered the space easily, gently, and ecstatically. Even now the space feels totally different, embracing and holding us all as a Unique Self symphony: Everybody uniquely incarnates HER, while SHE lovingly holds it all, becoming alive and emerging as our Unique WE.

Day 8 then ended with fireworks of gratitude and dharma on levels of consciousness and the question:

Why is there a possibility that after some time, lots of life goes back to business as usual? Why don’t we know with absolute certainty that next week we are going to be out there committing Outrageous Acts of Love?

The answer by Marc to that–quoted and paraphrased by me–was that we mainly shut down because it hurts too much. We don’t know how to let our heart break and still be functioning. The gap between our ability to feel the pain and our ability to heal the pain is too big.

We don’t shut our hearts because we care so little. We shut our hearts because we care so much.

What we know today about the outrageous pain of the world, only God knew a hundred years ago. Confronted with this outrageous pain we feel impotent.

So, what is the resolution?

The feeling that we need to heal the whole thing is a strategy of the ego. As a Unique Self I realize that I don’t have to heal the whole thing.

  1. We live in a world of outrageous pain.
  2. The only response to outrageous pain is Outrageous Love.
  3. Outrageous Love is not ordinary love.
  4. We need to awaken as Outrageous Lovers.
  5. What does an Outrageous Lover do?
  6. An Outrageous Lover commits Outrageous Acts of Love.
  7. Which Acts of Outrageous Love does an Outrageous Lover commit?
  8. Those that are a function of your Unique Self.
  9. Who are you?
  10. You are a Unique Self, an irreducibly unique expression of the love-intelligence and love-beauty that is the initiating and animating Eros of all that is that never was, is, nor ever will be again other than through you. And therefore you have a unique perspective which brings forth your unique insights which gives birth to your unique gifts that respond to a unique need in your unique circle of care, concern, and influence. You can love and heal a corner of the world that would be unhealed and unloved other than through you.
  11. By giving your unique gifts and committing Outrageous Acts of Love, you become radiant and alluring others into awakening as their Unique Selves and giving their unique gifts, forming Evolutionary Relationships, and through that the Unique Self symphony is born.
  12. With that we can heal every wound, alleviate every pain and solve every problem that we as humanity face.

At the Center for Integral Wisdom we want to instill tens of millions of people with the consciousness that you are truly successful when you commit Outrageous Acts of Love.

“If I don’t live on my edge, I lose my aliveness.
If I don’t take my Unique Risk, I will take risks that are not mine to take.” – Marc Gafni at the Summer Festival of Love 2015


About Kerstin Zohar Tuschik

Kerstin Zohar Tuschik works for CIW as Executive Director, Scholar and Author, and by representing the Center in the German-speaking countries. Besides studying Human Resources Development, Integral Theory, Project Management, Dance, and Physics, she has been on a conscious path of spiritual and personal growth for more than 20 years. She is a student of Unique Self, World Spirituality, and Conscious Eros, and a Senior Teacher of the Unique Self method in Europe.

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