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June 1, 2023

The Age of Digital Intimacy and the Movie “Her”

In a new installment of the Digital Intimacy Dialogues, evolutionary mystic Marc Gafni and embodied artist Megwyn White explore the seven levels of intimate evolutionary emergence in the recent movie Her. In it they explore the relationship between digital and dharma, the nature of intimacy and the post-conventional possibility in relationship as hinted at in this culture evolving movie on intimacy and possibility.

Listen to the audio and/or read the transcript here>>>

by Marc Gafni and Megwyn White

Marc Gafni, Dharma, and Lineage artwork by Megwyn White

Marc Gafni, Dharma, and Lineage
artwork by Megwyn White

The World of the Web would seem to be the place for connection. Its very name -Web – means the very same. And yet paradoxically the Web seems to bring with it a great loss of intimacy. We are no longer face to face. There is an ever more confusing terrain of gadgets and gizmos. Never before in history have we been so “connected” yet desperately seeking contact.

The gap between connection and authentic contact seems to be an ever widening chasm.

Are our Facebook friends really friends? Is their depth, commitment and meaning in our connections on line?

Does the virtual have virtue in its web of values. Can connection yield true contact? Can digital information and method of connecting birth new intimacy?

Can the virtual make us vulnerable in the best of ways?

We have stepped into that chasm inviting us to a new narrative of the digital. We call it Digital Intimacy.

The Digital Intimacy portal that is soon to come on our new web-plex is meant to be a space to create… well… intimacy. It is a place for depth of dialogue. It is where we seek to articulate and embody both the eros and the ethos of the digital. In the digital intimacy we will meet face to face in a playful, artistic, discourse about how to create new world of virtual intimacy.

We are here to insight an ethos in which the “dharma of the digital” is at the forefront of our quest for intimacy. How do the “patterns that connect” – in the realm of spirit and heart and culture, inform the digital world that we are creating?


Marc-Venwoude2013Megwyn_squareMarc and Megwyn take you deep into new possibilities of digital intimacy as part of the great new evolutionary emergence. Several years ago Marc coined the terms Evolutionary Intimacy, Digital Intimacy and the Evolution of Love. Megwyn has embodied the the wisdom of the sacred feminine which sought not so much to name but rather to enact practical tools of Digital Intimacy.

As Marc’s dharma and lineage met Megwyn’s original sacred digital technologies – the vision of Digital Intimacy was born. Marc visioned, articulated and enacted a dharma of digital intimacy. Megwyn intuited, felt and enacted the dharma and together they created new tools for digital intimacy.

Something new was born that was not there before. A new emergence. A new birth.

Listen to the audio and/or read the transcript here>>>


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