May 26, 2022

Introduction to The Seven Levels of Certainty and Uncertainty (By Liza Braude-Glidde)

BouquetBy Liza Braude-Glidde

An important deep structure in Marc Gafni’s teachings is his use of polarities such as Personal and Impersonal or Certainty and Uncertainty. These clarify central quandaries in the evolution of consciousness and spirituality. I might call this approach to polarities “The Art of Holy Erotic Argument.” It draws from the esoteric teachings of Marc’s Kabbala lineage.

The polarity of Certainty and Uncertainty clarifies the relationship between scientific knowledge and other types of knowledge such as spiritual knowledge. A critical mass of people the world over now see science specifically and truths of the physical and monetary world in general as the only forms of truth. While science and related truths make our lives workable, in order to connect with others and with the Whole in a deep, moral and pleasurable way, we need other forms of truth; those of culture, esthetics, morality and most of all spirit.

The following description of these seven stages is a work in progress based on a transcript of Marc’s verbal teaching given to some of the leaders of the Shalom Mountain Wisdom School. This is the beginning of the modeling of a clear structure that helps spiritual truth, beauty, and morality shine through into the twenty first century.

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