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March 21, 2023

“Shalom Stories” Featuring Wisdom School

In their September newsletter Shalom Stories CIW Partner and Teaching Center Shalom Mountain Retreat Center has been featuring  the Shalom and CIW Wisdom School with a series of articles, testimonials, a musical creation with soundbytes from the recent Wisdom School in March as well as the announcement of the upcoming 11th Wisdom School. Enjoy!

Loving your Way to Enlightenment: The Path of the Evolutionary Lover
Wisdom School October 9-12, 2014

*For this special event, Tuition Assistance may be available to those who qualify,
as well as use of accrued Retreat Credit.


Loving your Way to Enlightenment: The Path of the Evolutionary Lover

Reclaiming Your Own Awakening As the Primary Desire in Your Life:The Ten Tenets  and Ten Practices of the  New Enlightenment

by Marc Gafni

The principles of evolutionary awakening will forever change the way you live, love, be, become and make choices in life, ranging from your relationships, employment, spiritual practice, sexuality and just about everything else. If you are ready for a bold leap into the future of God and the future invitation of your life, join us at this extravaganza of mind, body and spirit.We are used to thinking about enlightenment as the precise opposite of evolution. Enlightenment is thought to reveal the permanent, eternal, unchanging nature of being while evolution addresses the shifting, unfolding world of change and becoming. Not so!!

This is the old understanding of enlightenment which invited you to move beyond the busy world of becoming into the world of being. It is this old enlightenment that writers like Ecckart Tolle and Byron Katie address in their teaching. The only problem with the teaching is that it is not true. Or better yet it is a partial truth masquerading as a whole.

Enlightenment means to understand not only the joy of your being but also the ecstasy of your becoming.

In this retreat, we will unpack the ten tenets and ten practices of the New Enlightenment.

The next stage in the evolution of God, in the evolution of all that is, is directly connected to your understanding your specific and clear role in the evolutionary context. What this might mean is one teaching in a cluster of teachings which we call the Evolutionary Unique Self Enlightenment.

This is not a spiritual aphorism but a core principle of evolutionary awakening, the next great edge of spirit’s revelation, both in your life and the life of the planet.

In the teachings and practices of Biblical Mystic Luria, to the realized Hindu teacher Aurobindo, to the Idealist thinkers Fichte Schelling and Hegel, to Teillard de Chardin, Gerard Heard, and Abraham Kuk, we find the greatest breakthrough of spirit and enlightenment in our time. This is the path of Evolutionary Unique Self Enlightenment. This is the largest game there is. Awakening as an Evolutionary Lover and participating in the Evolution of Love.

Why I Go To Wisdom School

by Shawn Ramer

I have had the honor and privilege of being able to attend every Wisdom School weekend at Shalom Mountain. And yet I look forward to each new one with anticipation and excitement. At the core, Marc Gafni’s generous sharing of his unique knowledge, wisdom, and perspective, has made each wisdom school delightful and fulfilling in unique and often unexpected ways.

Equally, the chance for the teachings to emerge in the context of the community, to be shaped and nurtured by the participation of those present, takes the experience far beyond my imagination.  The interweaving of the divine, the community, and the unique participation of each person, leads to a richness to which I keep returning.  This richness shows up in my life in so many ways – how I interact with my family, approach my work, and see myself.  Increasingly, however, it has provided important perspective for interpreting the complex global context in which we all live.  I vividly remember the specific Wisdom School where Marc suggested that “the only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love”, a profound observation that has deeply affected how I engage with the world, and which seems particularly relevant in our age.

I find that the Wisdom School at Shalom beautifully weaves the context of Shalom with the evolving edge of spirituality and personal growth.  I arrive at each gathering with anticipation, and I leave every time rewarded.  Most importantly, I leave each time knowing that I have been part of evolving what is so important for the global world we live in and deeply grateful for this to be part of my Shalom experience.


CLICK HERE to listen to It’s Our Time – a sound creation using excerpts from the 2013 Wisdom School, with words by Marc Gafni and original music by John Tarcza!

Awakening As Your Unique Self – A Shalom Mountain Retreat

This retreat evolves from the embodied exploration of Shalom process work and Shalom’s Skills & Principles of Loving, woven intricately and intimately with Marc Gafni’s Unique Self dharma.   The journey from the feeling of painful separation to the revelation of the Unique Self that you are that is essential to the evolution of Love.  Come join us for an ecstatic dance of discovery.

Upcoming Retreat Dates:

December 4-7, 2014; March 26-29, 2015


Looking Within

by Ben Wild

We often hear how unique our fingerprints are; how they can narrow billions of people down to just one. Less often do we hear about the other aspects of us that hold this same sacred individuality. Attending Shalom’s Awakening as Your Unique Self retreat taught me two very important aspects of what makes me and all others truly unique: the ability to see need and respond to need. Whether it’s our ability to see and respond to the need in our children, our partner, a co-worker or an entire community, we each approach the world with a unique lens. By looking within and exploring our unique selves and our unique gifts, we advance the collective journey of the human race. We learn how to love and serve ourselves and others. I’m finding that the Unique Self teachings are still unfolding for me, even months after the retreat. They have helped me find a soft balance of self-confidence and healthy ego in tricky situations that have previously thrown me off balance. Thank you Shelly, Jeff, Adael and Tom for bringing this rich teaching to Shalom.


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Wisdom School


Shalom Mountain’s Wisdom School hosts weekends during which we practice the holy trinity of Buddha, Sangha and Dharma. Buddha is our first person experience of God, Holiness, Tao, Atman, Ayin, Spirit or whatever name you want to give it. Sangha is the sacred, pleasurable incarnation of spirit invoked by the gathering of like minded men and women in a community of purpose and joy. Dharma transmission is a teaching or teacher that creates and “transmits” a space of open heart and in-sight from deep within a spiritual lineage, that holds, guides and illuminates the way of the authentic seeker.

Shalom Mountain’s Wisdom School is led by Dr. Marc Gafni, a renowned spiritual teacher, scholar and visionary who offers us the opportunity to participate in the Evolution of Consciousness, the Evolution of Enlightenment, Evolution of Unique Self and Outrageous Loving toward both our uniquely personal transformation and the Evolution of Love itself.

In the course of each weekend we will engage mind, heart, body, soul and spirit in practices of Dharmic study, chanting, yoga, meditation, movement and other experiential integration processes.
Join us for a weekend where you will experience profound aliveness, joy and transformation for yourself and for the evolution of love on all levels of reality.

“In every moment, aware of it or not, you are drenched in the cosmic love that is alive in and as all that is.  Every single corner of you is loved and accepted.  Every single part of you is absolutely loved and absolutely accepted and it is that extraordinary love that is so utterly nourishing and utterly enlivening and utterly, profoundly, awakening.

As we deepen our capacity to love ourselves and others it is imperative to recognize and receive the love that is already raining down upon us like a thundershower and to open ourselves to that love.  To feel into the heart and open the heart in gratitude and blessedness, to feel that love entering and nourishing and breathing us and actually being us is an extraordinary phenomenon.  We start to understand love, as Dante put it, the love that moves the sun and the other stars, as a cosmic force, a force that holds the universe together.  Alfred North Whitehead said that, “Evolution is really the gentle movement toward God by the gentle persuasion of love.”  Looked at in the bigger picture, love is the fabric of the universe, the glue that holds it together.”

~ Marc Gafni and Ken Wilber

Quote from the soon to be published, Wisdom of the Holy of Holies, A Year of Daily Inspiration, From the Writings and Teachings of Marc Gafni, Selected & Edited by Adael Bullock

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