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May 28, 2023

Our journey as evolutionary artists is a dance of creativity

Dancers in Australia

Photo Credit: Oude School


By Marc Gafni

Do you know that you are the evolutionary artist of the next stage of your life and the life of the world?

Do you know that personal creativity is your doorway into the creativity of the Kosmos?

Do you know that creativity is your birthright?

Do you know that higher consciousness is naturally more creative and less fearful?

Do you know that what you create through your mind, heart and body transforms all of us and all of life?

This is a truth of dramatic importance: Each of us is participating in a great dance of creativity. Our journey as evolutionary artists involves every aspect of life — from the words we choose to the love we make. And that journey begins when we recognize how our own creativity is actually an expression of the evolutionary love-intelligence of all that is. The Vedic and Tantric traditions of Hinduism, the Sufis sages, and the philosophers of Kabbala reminded us that divinity is creativity. The Buddhist sages have invited us to the liberated free-functioning creativity of the compassionate Bodhisattva. The Judeo-Christian teachers have invited us to imitatio dei to be like God, even to be as God.

Just as the great love-intelligence emanates worlds out of its own being, we are invited to turn into our own center, and find that world-creating source within ourselves. From there, we can become co-creators of a transformed world.

You are creative because consciousness is inherently creative. The mysterious Eros that animates and drives the evolutionary unfolding is at this very moment creating and recreating all of reality anew in every moment. That Eros, which lives in you, as you and through you, acts creatively through you the moment you give your consent to it.

It is our delight and obligation to answer the call to evolutionary creativity — and its fulfillment.

The next great movement of evolutionary love is waiting for you — for each of us — to identify and manifest your unique creativity. It is asking you to recognize yourself as the artist of your life, and then to broaden your artistry until you are creating in the service of All that Is.

Are you ready to respond to the great invitation and obligation to evolutionary creativity, in the service of our own evolution, and the evolution of all that is?

If you are then you have begun to wake up and that is simply fucking awesome!



  1. I’m so glad I found this website. I’m in the middle of reading a book called “Conscious Evolution” by Barbara Marx Hubbard and she calls for evolutionary artists to come forth and tell our evolutionary story. She asks, “Where are the vibrant and popular images-theater, music, dance, novels, poetry, films; where are the participatory art forms that inspire and lift our vision to help us see ourselves as participants in the great human drama of creation?.. The new arts of the age of conscious evolution will help us see ourselves anew-in all our hidden beauty as young universal humans.”
    When I read that I couldn’t help but feel a deep need to find these evolutionary artists and learn more. Considering she wrote that book in 1998 I figured I’d have a good chance of finding something on the internet. Within 5 minutes I ended up on this website. Woohoo!
    I’m not much of an artist per say, and I’m still unsure of what my calling is but I know I’m heading in the right direction.
    Yeah Marc, I’m beginning to wake up and it really is fucking awesome!

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