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June 1, 2023

Integral Chicks: The Welcome Show with Sofia Diaz

We launched Integral Chicks podcast smack dab in the middle of the 2nd Integral Theory Conference, aka the gathering of the Integral Geeks (including us!), we are so pleased to rock our kick-off show with our very special guest, Sofia Diaz, Integral Hatha Yoga and Sacred Arts Teacher extraordinaire.

In our interview segment, 15 Minutes of Fame, Sofia shares with us that her deal is getting people to feel. She tells us why this is so critical at this particular point in human history, and how it helps balance the next generation’s intimate and often cerebral relationship with technology. No one can marry feeling and technology quite like Sofia, and she shows us how by walking us through a practice experience of her newest gift to the Kosmos, Cyber-Yoga.

Follow that incredible embodied wisdom up with:

  • Our tasty and simple Integral McNugget of the Week, Uno, Dos, Tres, Juggle…with the 3 basic perspectives, that is!
  • That’s So Boomer, Aww! Sharing with Boomers how very much we need each other, and yet how we can rub each other the wrong way…technologically speaking.
  • Our Customer Service segment, offering one of our listeners a little help with ILP (Integral Life Practice) overload.

We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received so far, and hope that you enjoy our Welcome show. As good Integral Chicks, we’ll be flexing and flowing, innovating and refining, as we produce future shows and would love to hear your reflections, questions and ideas. Holla back for more in the future!


Right-click to download free MP3.

And we out!

Kelly Sosan Bearer is the Executive Producer, Writer, Host, and Co-founder of Integral Chicks Podcast. Kelly is the Curator for Integral Spiritual Experience. She also serves as Executive Producer for iEvolve: Center for World Spirituality. Follow her on Twitter @KellyBearer.Nicole Fegley is the Co-founder, Host, and Writer for Integral Chicks. She is a Certified Integral Coach through Integral Coaching Canada and coaches with Integral Life, The Integral Incubator, and Engaging the Future. Nicole is the Co-founder, with her partner Clint Fuhs, of Core Integral.

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