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June 1, 2023

Great new faces on our Wisdom Council and Board of Directors

Wisdom Council

The Center for World Spirituality is delighted to announce several new faces have joined our Wisdom Council and/or the Board of Directors for the Center. For headshots, links, and biographies of the individuals, see the Wisdom Council, Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors pages.

Theresa Chesnut

Theresa Chesnut earned her graduate degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Kansas. Theresa has over 20 years of experience in lecturing on college campuses and to psychiatric professionals about the signs, symptoms and prevention of eating disorders. Theresa currently serves on the board for the Binge Eating Disorder Association. Theresa is joining CWS’s Wisdom Council and Board of Directors.

Bryan Franklin

Bryan Franklin is one of the world’s most successful executive coaches, and together with his partner in business and in life, Jennifer Russell, he is now in the iterative process of developing the most impactful group experiences available on the planet. Bryan is joining CWS’s Wisdom Council

Kristina Kincaid

Kristina Kincaid has been a photographer most of her life. She is a graduate of The Institute of Core Energetics and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She also holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Texas, Austin, and has traveled extensively in South America, India, Nepal, Australia and Mexico studying with native healers. Her journeys have taken her into deep explorations around healing amidst the grace, innocence, and wisdom found in many cultures around the world. Kristina is joining CWS’s Board of Directors.

Admiel Kosman

Admiel Kosman is an Israeli poet. He is both professor of Religious and Jewish Studies at Potsdam University and the academic director of Abraham Geiger Reform Rabbinical Seminary. Kosman’s poems often deal with the tension between his religious faith and artistic sensibilities. Kosman has written three volumes of post-modern scholarship on gender in traditional Jewish texts, and is the author of eight books of poetry. Admiel is joining CWS’s Wisdom Council

Miranda Macpherson

Miranda Macpherson is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counselor and author of Boundless Love who is known for her depth of presence and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred. She is the founder of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, and co-founder of the Feminine Wisdom School in California where she now resides. Miranda is joining CWS’s Wisdom Council

John Renesch

John Renesch is a businessman-turned-futurist, author of 14 books and hundreds of articles on organizational and social transformation. He has delivered keynote speeches throughout the world. He is a founder of FutureShapers, LLC, provider of executive peer groups which focus on improving members’ consciousness. John is joining CWS’s Wisdom Council

Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, having worked exclusively in high impact start-ups, most recently as president of an environmental chemical company, bringing over 40 new technology products to market. Her dedication to the intersection between creativity and productivity made her famous for “getting more done by accident than most people get done on purpose.” Jennifer is joining CWS’s Wisdom Council

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