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February 9, 2023

Get a Feel for Integral Spiritual Experience!

Never before has there been such a deep dive into this juicy, dynamic, and passionate territory, featuring so many gifted, innovative spiritual teachers. This gathering of teachers of renowned scholars and provocative leaders was more than eclectic—it was wild. And yet the scintillating multiple perspectives all found their fullest expression in an Integrally-informed framework, a stand-alone, comprehensive teaching that Marc Gafni has called the Three Stations of Love. Now you can have full access to this outrageous amount and caliber of content. Join us as we break open our minds and hearts to this bold new offering, right at the evolutionary edge of Love, itself.

This short clip features Marc Gafni’s opening invitation at ISE 2, photos of some of our favorite moments from the conference, and an amazing reading of Rumi that was performed by Coleman Barks over the soulful sounds of Grammy-winning cellist David Darling. We hope you enjoy!

Integral Spiritual Experience 2 | Opening Invitation with Dr. Marc Gafni

To see more of this amazing experience, click here.

Integral Spiritual Experience is a partnership between Integral Life and iEvolve: Center for World Spirituality.

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