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June 1, 2023

First Saturdays: World Spirituality Service & Celebration

World Spirituality Service & Celebration

Saturday, May 7th • 5pm – 10pm • Emeryville, CA


Join your World Spirituality guides Marc Gafni, Mariana Caplan, Decker Cunov, Dustin DiPerna, & Marcy Baruch for an intimate and deep evening of practice, love, and relationships as we explore GOD is a Verb.

GOD has become quite lonely in the spiritual world. It seems like with all the talk of meditation, presence, nonduality, mindfulness, consciousness, and all the other good things that we all believe in – GOD has become lost.

A direct personal relationship with GOD, is almost nowhere to be found in so many of the spiritual communities that we all inhabit and love.

The art of reading and being informed, inspired, comforted, or guided by a sacred text is all but lost.

On Saturday, May 7th, we welcome you to a vision and a reality…

… To the church you never went to when you were growing up because it didn’t exist.

… To the synagogue you never even dreamed was possible.

…To the monastery where you can talk, celebrate, and play.

…To the ashram that is fully relational, contemporary, and evolutionary.

…To the dance party where you can learn, grow, and transform spiritually.

…To the kirtan that also exercises the mind and interpersonal relationships.

…To a place where single people can openly and fearlessly meet potential life partners.

…To the conscious community where you can raise your babies, children, and teens with spiritual values and practice.

…To the place where the disenfranchised become re-enfranchised, and the believers can dream into the future.

…To a place where the lover is you, and you meet the beloved in your own body.

…To a center of evolutionary activism.

…To a place where the special guest is you, and what you bring to it effects the evolution of what we create together, and perhaps even the evolution of consciousness itself.

Welcome to Our Shared Center for World Spirituality.


Featured Contributors

Dr. Marc Gafni holds his doctorate from Oxford University and has direct lineage in Kabbalah. He is a Rabbi, spiritual artist, teacher, and a leading visionary in the emerging World Spirituality movement. He is a co-founder of iEvolve: The Center for World Spirituality, a scholar at the Integral Institute, and the director of the Integral Spiritual Experience, as well as a lecturer at John F. Kennedy University. The author of seven books, including the national bestseller Soul Prints and Mystery of Love, Gafni’s teaching is marked by a deep transmission of open heart, love and leading edge provocative wisdom. Gafni is considered by many to be a visionary voice in the founding of a new World Spirituality and one of the great mind/heart teachers of the generation.

mariana-caplan-100x100Mariana Caplan, PhD, is a psychotherapist, professor of yogic and transpersonal psychologies, and the author of seven books in the fields of psychology and spirituality, including the forthcoming: The Guru Question: The Perils and Awards of Choosing a Spiritual Teacher and the seminal Halfway Up the Mountain: the Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment. Her recent release, Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path, won five national awards for best spiritual book of 2010. She has spent 20 years researching cutting edge and controversial topics in Western Spirituality, and focuses her consultation and psychotherapy practice on somatic approaches to healing trauma and spiritual issues.

Decker Cunov is the Executive Director & Founder of AuthenticWorld, committed to inspiring people towards more fulfilling relationships. He’s spent the last decade working successfully with everyone from soldiers to teenagers, from the clinically dysfunctional to doctors & lawyers, from a mechanic in Wisconsin to top level executives across the country, helping them reach unprecedented levels of success in relationship in organic and profound ways.

Marcy Baruch is a lifelong lover of the question, What is it to perceive, embody, and unfold the divine? Her work as a musical artist invites listeners into spaces of communion and grace. As a vocal coach of ten years, she brings a highly skilled awareness of the body’s sound-making mechanisms to her support of speakers and singers who wish to merge with, and emerge as, the full, life-affirming resonance of their unique voices.




Doors open at 4:30pm

5pm – 5:30pm Meditation with Mariana Caplan

6pm – 7:30pm World Spirituality Service with Marc Gafni

7:30pm – 8:30pm Relationship Games with Decker Cunov

8:30pm – 10pm World Spirituality Community Celebration

Directions & Parking

The Besler Building
4053 Harlen Street #202 – Loft #202
Emeryville, CA 94608

Click here for directions.