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May 28, 2023

Exploring the Unique Self and beyond (Part 5): Making it real ….

By Hans Jecklin

Writing and conversing over the beauty and magnitude of the Unique Self is one thing. Transferring it to our own real life is the real challenge. As illustrates a recent e-mail exchange with a friend:

Good morning Hans

It is humbling but also motivating what you have written.  I nearly wrote “managed” to write, but it flows too smoothly, so “managed” conveys struggle, no, there is no struggle for you the author. 

 The “where to begin” is the problem on this end.  So I shall go back to Nr 1, read again and then move very slowly through the others.  I just wonder if I am able to keep abreast of your profound experience, even just following it, not even becoming active.  I shall try, it is confirming to me that the struggles in life, my life?, will remain, how we manage them is something else. 

May I allow myself forwarding to a very special friend in Biel?  She and her husband, hmmm, yes, I would like to do this and can’t imagine anything but whole-hearted reception on her end.



Thank you, Ann, for your feedback. The struggle is not writing these texts, they come quite easily and are of course based on experience. But still: the real challenges come from what life presents to us and when it reveals as what we do not want at all. And maybe, the Unique Self wants us to become an ever clearer instrument and leads us into exactly those conflicts that have the potential to open our minds?

I do not know, but looking at life’s challenges from this perspective is always revealing and -  if we look back – who and where would we be without our past? And I am confident that we will never arrive in a state of perfection, because this maybe beyond human condition anyway.

Thanks for giving me food for reflection! – And if you like to pass the information – about this or our music – on to your friends, this is perfectly in our sense.

Warm regards, Hans


Dear Hans

It is what I am mulling about:  where is my home supposed to be, quite literally, when this place here cannot be, ever ever, but where?  What role is it playing in my life to define certain directions and states, I am searching and getting no inner replies.  Fine and good to say there are a few priorities, they will in this life be defined by financial means, physical needs, social set-ups, and the one certain fact: age and aging.  It has me puzzled, my health is affected in that I have had to get, the first time in almost 20 years, medication against allergies.  Something is really out of line.  So finding answers determines where I am looking, horizontally and/or vertically.  Am fairly sure you follow my very simple scheme.

Shall send off immediately your texts, thank you, thought it is the intent of work.  Still, I want permission.

Truly yours


Dear Ann

It is difficult to respond on personal matters from distance, apart from the risk of being misunderstood.

This, however, seems evident to me: If our prior home is inside, we are looking at the world from an unalienable security. This enables us to look at the world with untroubled trust, with a view less veiled by emotions like fear or scepticism. Our view becomes wider and clearer and our inner ear more sensitive to the inner directions. We may intuitively be led to more effective actions and unexpected solutions may spring to our perception that we might have missed before. We just may become more creative and inventive.

However, again, becoming more sensitive has many advantages, but we may also become more sensitive to imbalance in the outer world – material and subtle – and allergies or increased need for rest may be the result, until we discover new means to handle them.

That’s enough of preaching for now! Have a wonderful day, and we are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Love, Hans


Thank you Hans.  ……….. On a personal basis, which this is, you have hit many bulls’ eyes.  A lunch-time break is needed, my balcony welcomes me.

thanks ever

Ann with love

About Hans Jecklin

Hans Jecklin — Some 40 years ago, as an entrepreneur in music business, Hans Jecklin got involved in Jungian psychology, leading into a deep exploration of various forms of meditation, spiritual traditions and processes of inner change. His integrated experiences are the basis of his present work as a coach and mentor for conscious evolution in and beyond Switzerland. Hans, the author of two books including A New Spirit in Business, is an initiator of Global Spirituality.

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