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May 28, 2023

Encore Live Video of Awakening Your Unique Self with Marc Gafni


Loving Into the Source Code of Human Consciousness

One of the truths in our postmodern era is that the Internet is an enormously important avenue for disseminating ideas. Instead of monks laboring over ancient sacred texts, one major current project for our CWS think tank staff is spreading the word of Unique Self Realization through social media and through our online course.

The limited test launch of our Awakening Your Unique Self was wildly successful, with over 1000 people completing the course. In Part IV, Marc was on a Livestream feed with people calling in from all over the country and submitting questions through the Livestream chat.

The audience response for the Part IV Livestream by Marc received so much positive feedback that Marc decided to do an Encore Presentation on this Thursday, March 28 at 5:00pm PDT. If you wish to join this interactive event, click here:

ENCORE Live video/phone Unique Self Q&A this Thursday, March 28th, at 5pm PDT

One initial result of our social media efforts is that posts on our Center for World Spirituality Facebook page our now reaching 27,420 people per week – an increase of 3015% over the past two weeks.

These are excellent results for our first efforts, and we deeply appreciate and value the support of all who wish to shift the source code of our global consciousness towards a more loving and sustainable future.

Special thanks and kudos to Brett Thomas, Jarrad Connor and Kristine Silvestre of Integral Initiative; and the team at Enfusionize, especially Inriel Salvador Romero, Indigo Townsend Pries, and Paula Thomas. Our Center for World Spirituality International Unique Love Gang is Lesley Freeman, Kerstin Tuschik, Adael Bullock, Chahat Corten, Joe Perez and Steve Raymond.

The full 10-week Awakening Your Unique Self Course will start on April 24. For more info about this course and the free mini-course, visit: