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March 30, 2023

A Deeper Click on Recent Events: The Exciting Happenings at the Center for World Spirituality

This past weekend (June 6-9, 2013) Dr. Marc was honored and delighted to participate in some wonderful happenings:

Dialogue and Interview Host Michael Ellsberg
In New York, there was an awesome event organized by Kristina Kincaid, Lesley Freeman, and Michael Ellsberg.  The event took place and was hosted in the beautiful Manhattan downtown apartment of Jose and Carmen Arozamena. The evening began with a private interview of John and Marc for a major US publication, talking about the important interface between their two books, Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Your Unique Self by Dr. Marc Gafni. In the interview, specific focus was given to an idea that John and Marc have developed together: the Unique Self of a corporation. A more complete discussion of this critical insight will appear later this year in the CWS white paper series.

(c) 2012 photo courtesy of jscreationzs.

©2012 photo courtesy of jscreationzs.

The second part of the evening was a public conversation between Marc and John, masterfully facilitated by Michael Ellsberg and followed by an invitation-only dialogue with twenty-five convened millennial leaders. John Mackey is the Board Co-Chair of Center for World Spirituality and Chairman and CEO of Whole Foods Market. And he is a fearless leader in the great calling for the Evolution of Consciousness and Culture. The dialogue was filmed, and we will be sharing it with you as part of a new website unveiling in the early fall.

This dialogue comes on the heels of a seven-part dialogue series between Marc and John, which is available on the CWS website and the Whole Foods blog.

On Saturday, Marc was joined by Lori Galperin, co-founder of the Castlewood Treatment Centers and co-chair of Center for World Spirituality Board, for a filmed dialogue with Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt-Hendrix. The dialogue revolved around the relationship between the Imago theory and therapy method, developed by Harville and Helen, and the Unique Self theory and therapy method, developed and now being written by Marc and Lori.

Everyone participating in the dialogue was a bit blown away by the depth and critical evolutions in thinking that took place for all sides as a result of the dialogue. We will be posting this video for you as part of the roll-out of our new web presence in the fall. Lori Galperin is the lead writer on one of our think tank project books, Unique Self Recovery.

  • Welcome to the World Ceremony.

On Sunday morning at dawn, Dr. Marc was delighted to officiate at the Welcome to the World Ceremony of the daughter of his close friends (who are also Wisdom Council members and board members of the Center).

In Other News…

  • Web Upgrade of CWS Site
2013 Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles.

©2013 Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles.

We are delighted to share that Center for World Spirituality has just successfully completed a capital campaign to raise funds to significantly up-level our web presence. A board and professional committee is now actively engaged in interviewing different web designers. We hope to have this major project completed by early fall. We just finished a two-day conclave with a leading web group who has made an excellent proposal that we are now studying.

  • Thought Leader Series: Richard Barrett

The third part of the thought leader dialogue with Richard Barrett is coming up on June 15, with an emphasis on social activism or societal development and Unique Self. Register here.>>

  • Unique Self Medicine Initiative Meeting in Houston

Dr. Marc and Lori Galperin held a productive and wonderful meeting in Houston, TX, with Venodhar Rao Julapalli, M.D. and Vinay Rao Julapalli, M.D., F.A.C.C., two leading board members and the heads of our Unique Self Medicine initiative.

Venu and Vinay recently completed a first draft of a think-tank white paper on Unique Self medicine. The white paper draws on three theoretical frameworks: Unique Self, Integral Theory, and Conscious Capitalism. The meeting was held to get a sense of the next steps in unfolding the revolutionary vision of Unique Self medicine. We will be sharing that white paper with you in the fall, also as part of the new think tank website roll-out.

  • Purpose Search Conclave in Pacific Grove with Rachel Resnick

Dr. Marc and Rachel Resnick, author of Love Junkie and CEO of Writers on Fire, just concluded a two-day conclave in Pacific Grove, CA, with Lesley Freeman and Lori Galperin. Rachel will be working with Marc and CWS to develop methods of doing what John Mackey has referred to as the “Purpose Search in Corporations.” The particular area in which Rachel and Marc have complimentary expertise is in a method of deploying sacred autobiography, memoir writing and sacred story telling as a way of recovering Unique Self and purpose on both the personal and corporate level. Stay tuned as we share with you this exciting unfolding.

Rachel and Marc will also be offering a by-invitation-only public offering called Erotics for Entrepreneurs this coming September 20 and 21st. For information, email lesley [at] centerforworldspirituality [dot] com. We will be sharing more in upcoming newsletters.

  •  CWS Think-Tank Updates

The think tank is highly active with many key projects in the pipeline, each at its own stage of development.

  •  The next three public talks are…
  1. Carmel-by-the-Sea Rotary Club on Unique Self – Carmel Mission Inn, Carmel, CA – June 19, 12 PM Pacific.
  2. Integral Theory Conference presentation with Sally KemptonJuly 20, 2013.
  3. Up-Coming Mystery School at Venwoude Summer Festival of Love.

For a full list of the upcoming CWS events, see the Events Calendar on our website.

Or, stay up to date by following CWS on Facebook.>>

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