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June 1, 2023

A New Coalition Is Forming to Catalyze the Evolution of Consciousness

The Center for Integral Wisdom, the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and the Club of Budapest are delighted to collaborate with a newly emergent broad coalition of partners and colleagues on a vital Integral Initiative.

We are–together with other vital leadership partners who be announced–initiating a project that we feel will be a crucial global catalyst for the Evolution of Consciousness.

We are entering into a collaborative project whose purpose is no less than to galvanize an Integral Planetary Awakening to Connect Co-Creators World-Wide. It will launch an invitation to people in every culture, field and endeavor to place what they are doing that is creative, useful and good, to demonstrate what is working in the world. It will be a first expression of the emerging world already arising in our midst.

The purpose of our shared initiative is to evolve, articulate and disseminate the core dimensions of this most vital political, social and spiritual vision. Our aim is to convene, face to face and virtually, leading thinkers and activists, and inspired individuals from around the world, to participate in the urgent formulation and advancement of this vision of the emerging world.

Connecting individual and collective actions offered by Unique Selves motivated by the deep impulse of creativity and love, paves the way for the next step, the emergence of what we have called together the Unique Self Symphony. This is the music that emerges when human beings engage their unique instruments of self together to give their Unique Gifts of Love-intelligence towards the healing and transformation the planet. We understand the Unique Self Symphony to be an emergent property of the Self Organizing Universe.

The goal of this collaboration will be to download the emergent software of Unique Self Symphony into the source code of culture. We plan to articulate in books, monographs and online summits and courses the basic contours of this vision. In all of this our humble and audacious intention is to fulfill our obligation in this generation, our urgent obligation, to participate in the evolution of consciousness which is the evolution of love.

We live at a moment where we stand before two futures. One filled with emergent beauty, truth and goodness the likes of which the world has never seen before. The other a spiraling into despair and outrageous pain in which hundred of millions, perhaps billions of most vulnerable among us will pay the most devastating price.

The core feature of this next evolutionary stage of growth and transformation is in every human being cultivating an evolutionary relationship to life. This means that every human being awakens to the realization of being an irreducible Unique Self.

Uniqueness however is not to be confused with separateness. Uniqueness is the currency of connection which wells up from the realization that one has an irreducibly unique gift to give that is fundamentally needed by reality.

Every generation is responsible for its own evolution of consciousness. It’s our turn. The future is in our hands. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Heads bowed to the larger evolutionary love intelligence in which all is sourced and feeling that very love intelligence awakening as we venture forth to realize these urgent objectives with every and all virtuous means at our disposal.


Barbara Marx Hubbard for the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Ervin Laszlo for the Club of Budapest

Marc Gafni for the Center for Integral Wisdom