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June 1, 2023

Greetings from Venwoude’s community days event

Venwoude SquareBy Chahat Corten

Hello dearest friends,

Sending you all love and blessing from Venwoude in Holland. This is the first blog post from the Venwoude community days in Holland. In the first couple of days, we had an ecstatic evening with chanting, a teaching on chanting, and storytelling. Ecstatic and passionate ending!

Simply said Marc Gafni has been working round the clock since he got here. First, he created a new World Spirituality process which he called “Growing Up,” which was four four-hour sessions in which he guided the community in a brilliant and beautiful exploration of what he called Evolutionary We Space.

The process guided people through seven levels of consciousness in which Marc would describe the level and then put us in the voice of that level of consciousness and have everyone talk in first person about how they experienced god, community, love and integrity from that level of consciousness.

It was awesome to see, how Marc used this process to kind of surprise everybody into engaging and enacting all the issues on surviving, belonging, power, rules and the great topic of autonomy and community. All the hidden issues were surfaced in a way that inspired everyone, made no one bad and gave great honor to each person and the whole community. It was really awesome to watch. It reminded me again of why Center for World Spirituality is so precious.

We have been recording the whole process and there will be some great clips coming from this!

Tomorrow Marc will have a day of conversations (and some students in between) and then on Monday-evening diving into 3 days of a visioning process with the leadership group of our community….. I have the sense that something really will shift these days…. :). It is also awesome to watch Marc’s love as he makes the issues and dynamics of our community “his issues” and holds everyone with so much care and love and with firmness and direction.

I’ll have another blog post for you soon.

Sending Love,



  1. Archana says:

    I want to connect with you and share what is getting created through me. It makes a difference for all of us, the similar energies to come together and create CELEBRATION OF LOVE, LIFE AND LIGHT in many places. I look forward to sharing more information upon hearing from you.

    With Love and Light

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