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March 21, 2023


Team Joining Hands by adamr,

Picture by adamr

Are You Ready to Step Fully into Living Your Life’s Purpose? Would you like to find out now?

The next stage of human awakening is within our grasp if we make ourselves ready to be all we can be. But such evolution only happens when we invest in our growth and open ourselves to continual learning.

That’s why we at the Center for Integral Wisdom offer cutting-edge courses designed to meet this moment by leading you forward on your journey.

Our courses, workshops, and seminars have been designed to advance the evolution of Love in you, as you, and through you. This is the place for learning how to actualize your Unique Self, bring a World Spirituality online, and become an Outrageous Lover. The possibilities are limitless.

In the words of evolutionary mystic Dr. Marc Gafni:

To Live is to Evolve.

To Evolve is to Grow.

To Grow is the deepest joy and highest purpose of a human life.

To bring this potential to life, CIW is assembling a collection of the most effective programs for human development and conscious living.

All of our programs are…

  • Based on the visions of Unique Self and Integral principles
  • Delivered using step-by-step educational process
  • Supported with guidance from experienced faculty
  • Connected to a community of explorers and learners

Thousands of people have participated in our courses, seminars, retreats, and tele-seminars since 2010. Their lives have been enriched and their worldviews have been expanded.

They found a blueprint for living an awakened life as an expression of their unique purpose. They learned the relationship between sex, power, love, fear, and enlightenment. They are finding their true vocation.

The world is waking up, showing up, growing up, and lightening up in diverse ways through CIW programs.

We hope you’ll join us in the adventure!

The Center for Integral Wisdom Team