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February 7, 2023

Shalom Mountain Wisdom School

The Shalom Mountain Wisdom School grew out of the partnership between the Shalom Mountain Retreat Center and the Center for Integral Wisdom. It is an esoteric mystery school dedicated to deep consideration, inquiry and practice on the leading edge of human evolution and development.

We recognize that we are living lives of rare and extreme privilege. As such we experience our obligation to explore and chart the next evolutionary steps in human compassion, integrity, love and enlightenment. In this we seek the great wisdom passed down through history, most of which arrived at our doorstep through the vehicle of the great wisdom traditions of spirit held by the great religions and philosophies of the pre-modern world. At the same time we recognize the modern and postmodern worlds have also gifted us with insight and wisdom. Reverentially receiving these wondrous bodies of wisdom, we at the same time realize our unique ability to not only receive but also to evolve wisdom and spirit. It is our joyful obligation to respond to the invitation of spirit and unpack in our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits, new and higher ways of loving each other and living in compassion and integrity.

Teacher in Residence

shalom_march2013CIW Founder and Director Dr. Marc Gafni acts as the Teacher in Residence at the Wisdom School.

The Wisdom School hosts weekends, during which we practice the holy trinity of Buddha, Sangha and Dharma. Buddha is our first person experience of God, Holiness, Tao, Atman, Ayin, Spirit or whatever name you want to give it. Sangha is the sacred, pleasurable and gorgeous incarnation of spirit invoked by the gathering of like minded men and women in a community of purpose and joy. Dharma transmission is a teaching or teacher that creates and “transmits” a space of open heart and in-sight from deep within a spiritual lineage, that holds, guides and illuminates the way of the authentic seeker. Dharma is not Dogma. It emerges from the direct experience of reality. Dharma gives guidance, direction and illumination. At the same time it bows before the mystery and forever holds the question. At the same time it is not shy about giving answers where answers are possible and appropriate. Dharma dances between certainty and uncertainty with exquisite grace and authenticity. In the course of each retreat we will engage mind, heart, body, soul and spirit deploying practice yogas in all these realms.