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March 30, 2023

Programs & Events

CalendarCalendar for 2015-2016

The Pleasure Map
A free, online teaching with Marc Gafni
Marc Gafni’s teachings on accessing Deep Pleasure distinguish the pleasures of the five senses, the pleasure of intimacy and relationships, the pleasure of meaningful work and a sense of purpose…and beyond. Let Marc Gafni walk you into whole new levels of pleasure that you might not have even realized were there!
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Seventh Worldwide Meeting on Human Values
Theme: Building a Compassionate World
Keynote, workshops, and presentations with Marc Gafni, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo, Claudio Naranjo, and many others.
The purpose of this event is to create a space for dialogue and afterthought in this emerging stage of humanity now living a transition to the awakening of consciousness, with the main goal of creating partnerships, share ideas and experiences of major social agents, present social innovations that will allow us to work in unity and solidarity for human development, compassion and peace.
Oct 23-25, 2015
Monterrey, México
Info here

Unique Self Coaching Process Fundamentals
An in-depth introductory seminar

October 23-25, 2015
Venwoude Retreat Center
Info here

Wisdom School Dharma Lab
with the Shalom Mountain Leadership Team
November 5-8, 2015
Livingston Manor, NY
Register here

Shalom Mountain Wisdom School with Marc Gafni
The Wisdom School is an esoteric mystery school dedicated to deep consideration, inquiry and practice on the leading edge of human evolution and development.
June 9-12, 2016
Shalom Mountain Retreat Center
Livingston Manor, NY
Info & Sign Up Here

Unique Self Coaching Training Program
with Barbara Alexander & Claire Molinard
9-month program designed in collaboration with Dr. Marc Gafni
– USA Training: begins Nov 4, 2015 (Early Bird Application Deadline: Sept 12)
– European Training: begins Feb 24, 2016 (Early Bird Application Deadline: Dec 24)
Click Here for Info

Unbeatable Mind Retreat
with Mark Divine
Keynote by Marc Gafni: “Experiencing Your Spirit”

December 4-6, 2015
Carlsbad, CA
Click here for info

Agape: Services & Workshop
2nd of 4 residencies with Marc Gafni
hosted by Michael Bernard Beckwith

December 6, 2015
Agape International
Culver City, CA
Detailed Info TBA

6th Annual Esalen Retreat with Sally Kempton & Marc Gafni
West Coast World Spirituality Retreat
“Evolutionary Relationships: Opening into the Great Heart”
February 5-7, 2016
Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA
Register Here

Annual CIW Board Conclave
March 17-20, 2016

Thought Leaders Dialogue Series
with Geoffrey Miller, Zak Stein, Marc Gafni
Date TBA

Friday Night World Spirituality Salon
In each salon, we engage in the sacred path of reality consideration, sacred study, friendship and practice – and, of course, dinner!
Monterey Peninsula, CA
Next Salon TBA
If interested in attending, please e-mail steve [at] centerforworldspirituality [dot] com


Select Past Events

4th International Integral Theory (ITC) Conference
Theme: Exploring Integral’s Edges
Presentation by Marc Gafni: “Towards a New Politics of Outrageous Love: Why the Future Depends on the Democratization of Enlightenment and Unique Self Symphonies”
July 16-19th, 2015
Sonoma State University, CA
Info here

The Ultimate Love Summit
A Free Online Event with host Dallas Cyr
Join Marc Gafni and more than 20 other Era-defining experts sharing the Secrets for Building a Wildly Successful Heart-Based Business and Attracting Incredible Relationships Filled With Real Love and Connection!
July 20-Aug 2
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Summer Festival “Mystery School of Love” in Holland
3nd European Integral Wisdom Conference of Love, Eros & Enlightenment

with Marc Gafni & Guests – The fourth Summer Festival of (Outrageous) Love
Cutting edge teachings, workshops and parties on Lines and Circles, the new Masculine and Feminine… we go waaaay beyond Venus and Mars and dive into the new evolutionary paradigm.
July 25-Aug 1, 2015
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland
Info & Signup Here

The Shakti Summit
A Free Online Event
Awakening the Heart of Feminine Sensuality, Sex, & Sacredness
Join world-renowned experts sharing insights and deep wisdom to help you ignite a passionate life overflowing with joy, vitality, sensuality and love. Marc Gafni is one of the featured presenters.
July 8-9, 2015
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Presentation by Marc Gafni: “The Erotic and the Ethical:  Next Steps in Libertarian Awakening”
Big debate on “Spirituality vs Materialism”
FreedomFest is the ultimate experience for any liberty-loving individual. A full three-day intellectual feast, your registration covers everything – general session panels and debates, up to 10 breakout sessions at a time on everything from technology to healthy living to investing to history and more, plus the Anthem Film Festival, and the amazing “Trade Show for Liberty” (our Exhibit Hall), not to mention spending time with other passionate defenders of freedom.
July 8-11, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
Info here

Summit Powder Mountain
Summit’s mission is to build community, catalyze entrepreneurship, address global issues, and support artistic achievement, in an effort to make our world a more joyful place.
Presentation by Marc Gafni: “Beyond Venus & Mars: The Next Step In Masculine & Feminine”
July 3-5, 2015
Eden, Utah
Info here

Heal the Shadow in Your Relationships 2 Summit
25 of the best love, dating, consciousness, and relationship experts – Hosted by Nijole Sparkis
Dr. Gafni will share an exciting, Integral Wisdom perspective on Shadow, informed by the Unique Shadow teaching. Do you want to break through unconscious sabotaging relationship patterns? These experts share their insights and inspiration to help you become the centered, confident person creating the Love you desire – whether with your current partner or a new partner. Join us on April 19th – you will definitely experience a shift! Claim your virtual seat here now:
Begins April 19, 2015
Reserve your spot!

Passion and Romance Live Summit
30 Experts, 30 Strategy filled Topics! – Hosted by Iris Benrubi
Dr. Marc Gafni is a featured speaker at this upcoming FREE tele-summit, an event featuring top experts giving highly focused, no-nonsense information about Love, Passion, Romance & Intimacy.  At this event, you will learn from 30 experts, each speaking on one of the essential components of a whole, healthy and loving life. The goal of this Summit is to provide a toolbox full of relationship strategies that will take you to the next level in Passion and Romance–starting from wherever you are. Marc’s topic is “Outrageous Love – What Does It Really Mean?”
Begins March 16, 2015
Reserve your spot by clicking here!

Sex and Medicine Summit
Tune into 20+ Leading-Edge Medical & Health Experts and get fascinating insights into an emerging model of medicine that includes sexuality.
Hosted by Anita Teresa Boeninger

Dr. Marc Gafni is a featured speaker of The Sex & Medicine Summit! This Summit is leading the way in giving professionals in health and helping fields new and cutting-edge insights and tools all in one place:  This is not sex as usual or medicine as we used to think of it.  Glean crucial & effective insights into the frontier of medicine and sex, such as the burgeoning sex therapy field, the science of orgasm & happiness, and much more. Discover what the “medicine of sex” is all about! Dr. Gafni’s topic: “New Narratives for Sex, Eros & the Unfolding of our Conscious Evolution”
For 1 week only – March 24-29, 2015
Sign up here to reserve your spot!

KPFK Radio Interview on
“Wake Up: The Sound of Transformation”
Michael Bernard Beckwith
with Marc Gafni
Tune in on Friday, March 13 at 1pm PT!
People outside of LA can listen live to the show at If you can’t make the live show, access the recording on the website by clicking on “Archives” and search for the “Michael Beckwith Show” (aka “Wake Up: The Sound of Transformation”)

Sunday Morning Services at Agape Spiritual Center (+ Livestream!)
with special guest Marc Gafni
Sunday, March 15 (morning)
Click here for schedule
Agape International Spiritual Center
Culver City, CA 90230
For Our Global Community: The 2nd and 3rd services will be Livestreamed! Please visit this link on Sunday morning for a direct link.

Loving Your Way to Enlightenment:
New Source Code Teachings On the Evolution of Love
A Workshop with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marc Gafni (scholar-in-residence, Agape Spiritual Center)
Sunday, March 15 at 2:30-5:30pm PST
Agape International Spiritual Center
Culver City, CA 90230
Read More & Sign Up

Shalom Mountain Wisdom School with Marc Gafni
The Wisdom School is an esoteric mystery school dedicated to deep consideration, inquiry and practice on the leading edge of human evolution and development.
March 5-8, 2015
Shalom Mountain Retreat Center
Livingston Manor, NY
Info & Sign Up Here

“Lines & Circles”
with Marc Gafni
A Skype Retreat on the Qualities of the Masculine and Feminine
Feb 14-15, 2015
In Partnership with Venwoude Int’l
For Info & to Sign Up, Email

“Relationships, Intimacy, & Intimacy Disorders”
An intimate morning program & afternoon workshop [flier here]
Sunday, Jan 18
10-11:30am – “Intimacy 3.0” with Marc Gafni
1:30-3:30pm – “Finding Blocks to Committed Relationships” with Dr. Mark Schwartz, Lori Galperin, Marc Gafni [workshop]
Pacific Coast Church
Pacific Grove, CA

“Awakening As Your Unique Self” Retreat
About this Retreat
with Adael Bullock, Tom Goddard, Jeff Hilliard, & Shelly Reichenbach
Dec 4-8, 2014
Shalom Mountain Retreat Center
Livingston Manor, NY

5th Annual Esalen Retreat with Sally Kempton & Marc Gafni
West Coast World Spirituality Retreat
“Loving Your Way to Enlightenment: The Path of Outrageous Love”
What does it take to be “lived as love” as the inner quality of your daily life?
More info on this year’s theme
Nov 21-23
Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA
Register Here

Success 3.0 Summit
The Summit is designed to convene dozens of the world’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change-agents to articulate a new, transformative narrative success. Our goal is no less then to evolve the cultural source code of success. Our shared belief is that an evolution of the success myth is a key leverage point in culture will have enormous ripple effect. A remarkable group of people is coming together!
St Julien Hotel, Boulder CO
October 30, 31, November 1 & 2, 2014
Sign up for the Free Livestream of all the talks!

“Success 3.0: A Conversation About Evolutionary Leadership”
Thought Leaders Dialogue Series
A live, free phone dialogue with Nathan Otto & Marc Gafni
Oct 22 at 4pm PT
Sign up here

Shalom Mountain Wisdom School with Marc Gafni
The Wisdom School is an esoteric mystery school dedicated to deep consideration, inquiry and practice on the leading edge of human evolution and development.
Oct 9-12, 2014
Shalom Mountain Retreat Center
Livingston Manor, NY
Info & Sign Up Here

Read more

“Firehose Interview on On Track Tips, hosted by Jason T. Wiser”
Jason T. Wiser and featured guest Marc Gafni will explore “Digital Intimacy”!
Mon, Sept 29 at 10am PT
[Google Hangout]
Tune in here!

Thought Leaders Dialogue Series
“Depolarizing the American Mind: Cultural Evolution and American Politics”
A live, free phone dialogue with Steve McIntosh and Marc Gafni
Sept 30 at 4:30pm PT
Sign Up Here

Thought Leaders Dialogue Series
“The Metrics of Human Consciousness”
A live, *free phone dialogue with Richard Barrett, Zak Stein, and Marc Gafni
Oct 7 at 12pm PT
Sign Up Here

Pacific Coast Church
The Sacred Revelation of Tears & Crying”
A Rosh Hashana talk & new book release by Marc Gafni
Sept 21 at 10pm PT
522 Central Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Speaker Series at Camp Mystic
The Emergent New Story of Humanity’s Evolution”
Panel discussions & keynote talks with Integral Wisdom Community at Burning Man
“The Future of Love & Sex” with Marc Gafni et al.
“Awakening as an Outrageous Evolutionary Lover: A Personal Politics of Eros and Love” with Marc Gafni et al.
“An Unconventional Wedding” with Marc Gafni et al.
For full lineup, dates and times, visit
Aug 26-31, 2013
Camp Mystic (3:30 & E)
Black Rock City, NV

Hangouts with Visionary Leaders, hosted by Lisa Engles
“Conscious Business and A New Vision of Success”
Tues, Aug 19 at 12pm PT [Google Hangout on Air]
Marc Gafni returns to Lisa’s show to discuss the concept of conscious business and to take a look at a new paradigm for success — one in which we, as evolutionary entrepreneurs, recognize that our most important asset in these times is our infinite resourcefulness, and the infinite possibility for creativity and innovations that can directly affect the very real challenges that our world faces.
Join us here!

“The Mia Connect – Power Chat, hosted by Mia Voss”
Mia and featured guest Marc Gafni will be “Digging into Digital Intimacy”!
Fri, Aug 15 at 9am PT
[Google Hangout]
Sign up here

Thought Leader Dialogue Series
“The Future of Sex, Truth, & Enlightenment”
3-part free tele-series with Dr. Brad Blanton & Dr. Marc Gafni
What is Radical Honesty? What is Unique Self? How do you find the Unique Honesty necessary for you to live your Radical Self? Join Dr. Brad Blanton and Dr. Marc Gafni for this exciting, 3-part dialogue series exploring a profound set of insights that can create a revolution of consciousness – from our personal relationships to our global future. From sex to lies to outrageous love, how can we bridge the gap between the personal and the political to create social and cultural change? By signing up you also get access to the recordings.
Tuesdays, July 1 & 8 and Thurs, Aug 14 @ 5pm Pacific
Read More & Sign Up!

“Hangouts with Visionary Leaders, hosted by Lisa Engles”
Featured guests Marc Gafni and Yifat Cohen will explore “Digital Intimacy: What is it, and can it be used to serve the evolution of humanity?”
Tues, Aug 12 at 12pm PT
Sign up here

Summer Festival in Holland:
1st European Integral Wisdom Conference of Love, Eros and Enlightenment

The Mystery School of Love
with Marc Gafni & Guests – On Reclaiming Eros
“The Sexual models the Erotic, but it doesn’t exhaust the Erotic” ~ Dr. Gafni
Eight Tastes of Sexing are Eights faces of Eros are Eights doors into reality itself. Please join us.
July 26-Aug 2
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland
Info & Signup Here

Pleasure at The Center: This is How You Love Your Life
aka An Integral Wisdom Model of Success: The Seven Levels of Pleasure
VERY limited seating event. How can we cultivate our ability to notice and ease pleasure’s guidance in every aspect of our lives – from our body to our intimate relationships to our sense of purpose, justice, meaning and mission? Taught by Marc Gafni, this small and intimate weekend will give you a profound new map of Pleasure for every corner of your life – private, public and visionary. Only 40 seats available. Produced by Adam Gilad.
San Francisco, CA
Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf
June 21-23, 2014
Join us!

Online Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference
Marc Gafni is interviewed by Emily Rosen & Marc David on “Conscious Eros & Relationship”
With many more inspiring guests on cutting edge topics.
May 12-16, online
Sign up for free here

The New Living Expo
“The Future of Spirituality Panel: Connecting Community Through Mind, Body & Spirit”
with Arjuna Ardagh (moderator), Marc Gafni, Raz Ingrazi, Lisa Schrader, & Sheva Carr
More and more people today describe themselves as “spiritual” while at the same time turning away from the religions and traditions of the past. As we expand beyond patriarchal and dogmatic way of exploring our true nature and our deepest potential, everything is up for reexamination. What is “enlightenment,” and does it have any fixed meaning? Is spiritual practice and expression the same for men and women? Is there any real conflict between a deep spiritual life and involvement in money and the world? What is the relationship between spiritual awakening and social and political action? Are sexuality and intimate relationship a barrier to true awakening, or a portal for deepening?
Read More…
Sun, April 27 @ 1pm PT, Room 7
San Mateo Event Center, CA
Info & Tickets here

Dharma Jam Outrageous Love Hub #2
A Dharma Party with Marc Gafni, Tbird Luv & Musical Guests
Sat, April 19 @ 7pm-12am
Oakland, CA
Contact for info!
Read the Blog Post & RSVP…

“The Spiritual Path of Intimacy”
Passover Sermon by Marc Gafni
Sunday, April 13 @ 10am PT
Pacific Coast Church in Pacific Grove, CA

The WOW Talks LIVE: Speak Your Truth!
With keynote by Marc Gafni
In addition to a day filled with amazing speakers, The WOW Talks Live will introduce you to hundreds of women and brave courageous men for the purpose of connecting, collaborating, and celebrating. A unique opportunity to meet hundreds of women and men enthusiastic to network while enjoying a glass of wine, is not to be missed…
Sat, April 12, all day
Walnut Creek, CA @ The Dean Lesher Theatre
Info & Signup Here

The Seven Powers of Enlightened Sexuality & Relationship
Shalom Mountain Wisdom School with Marc Gafni
March 27-30, 2014
Shalom Mountain Retreat Center
Livingston Manor, NY
Info & Sign Up Here

A Bridge Between Psychology and Spirituality, Part 2:
“Unique Self and Shadow”
A live, free phone dialogue with Dr. Elliott Ingersoll & Dr. Marc Gafni
March 19 @ 5pm PT
Sign Up Here

“Sacred Seduction”
A Valentine’s Day workshop with Marc Gafni
Feb 14, aft & eve
Vondelkerk in Amsterdam
Info & Signup Here

Valentine’s Weekend Retreat
Sacred Seduction with Marc Gafni
Feb 15-16
Venwoude Retreat Center
Info & Signup Here

Deploying Conscious Capitalism In Your Company
A workshop with Marc Gafni, Paul de Blot, & Ken Wilber
Feb 17 @ 3:30-8pm Holland time
Nyenrode Business University, Holland
Info & Sign Up

CWS Board Conclave & Visioning Retreat
Northern CA
Jan 31-Feb 2

Outrageous Acts of Love – Act 1
A Special Dharma Evening with Marc Gafni & Guests
San Francisco Bay Area
Sat, Jan 11 @ 7pm-12am

Contact lesley [at]

“Unique Self and the Animal Kingdom”
A live, free phone dialogue with Dr. Laurie Moore & Dr. Marc Gafni
Wed, Dec 11 at 5pm PT
Sign Up / Read More

The Seven Evolutionary Principles and Practices for Being a Fully Alive, Whole Man
with Fred Jealous and Marc Gafni
2 Remarkable Leaders – 2 Conversations About 
Men and Love
The Breakthrough Men’s Community meets World Spirituality and Unique Self. In this two-part workshop, Fred and Marc will be sharing a set of principles and practices which will invite and show you a way to your highest self. This Event is open to all Men and Women!
Please come and join us even if you were not at part one … each session stands alone.

Sundays, Nov 3 (Part 1) and Dec 1 (Part 2) @ 1-4:30pm PT
Pacific Coast Church in Pacific Grove, CA
To register, contact The Mind Shop at 831-372-2971
See Flyer

“Unique Self and Vital Health”
A live, free phone dialogue with Dr. Deb Zucker & Dr. Marc Gafni
Wed, Dec 4 at 5:30pm PT
Sign Up / Read More

“Sex Without Shame”
7-week teleseries with Marc Gafni et al.
Starts October 29 @ 3pm ET / 12pm PT

The Unique Self: A Bridge Between Psychology and Spirituality
a free phone dialogue
with Elliott Ingersoll & Marc Gafni
Tues, October 22 @ 6pm PT
Sign Up

4th Annual World Spirituality Retreat
“Falling in Love with the Divine: Devotion and Tantra of the Heart”
with Marc Gafni and Sally Kempton
October 18-20, 2013
Esalen, Big Sur, CA
Register Here

Shalom Mountain Wisdom School
Evolutionary Intimacy and the New Enlightenment
Marc Gafni with Shelly Reichenbach & Jeff Hilliard
October 10-13, 2013
Shalom Mountain Wisdom School, NY
Register Here

Sex Without Shame – a free tele-class
with Marc Gafni et al.
October 14 @ 7pm ET / 4pm PT

The Radical Path of the Outrageous Lover – free evening dialogue!
with Dr. Marc Gafni and Stuart Black, President, Inst of Core Energetics
Presented by Integral Evolutionary Tantra
October 4, 2013 @ 7-9pm ET
150 W. 28th St. New York, NY
For info and Registration

The Radical Path of the Outrageous Lover
A weekend workshop with Dr. Marc Gafni and Dr. Kristina Kincaid
Presented by Integral Evolutionary Tantra
October 4-6, 2013
150 W. 28th St. New York, NY
For info and Registration

“Unique Self and the Hindu Notion of Dharma”
A free dialogue with Marc Gafni and Dr. Roger Walsh
Fri, September 27 at 3:45pm PT
Sign Up Here

“Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up, and Participate in the Evolution of Love”
3-week Tele-Course with Dr. Gafni
Sept 11, 18, 25 @ 6pm PT
Info and Registration

“Sex is Ethics: The Erotic, the Sexual, and the Wildly Sacred”
A talk by Marc Gafni
August 27, 2013 @ 1:30pm PT
Playa)a(Skool (3:00 & Esplanade)
Black Rock City, NV

The Modern Mystic: Cultural Alchemy
“How radical contribution, collaboration, and compassion can replace competition as the drivers of excellence and culture.”
Panel discussion with: Marc Gafni, Mike Cline, Jonathan Yudis, Rose Mundel, Gabrielle Sundra
Aug 27, 2013 @ 5pm PT
Camp Mystic (3:30 & H)
Black Rock City, NV

The 7 Tastes of Sexing
A talk with Marc Gafni et al.
Aug 29, 2013 @ 5pm PT
Camp Mystic (3:30 & H)
Black Rock City, NV

Mystery School of Love Summer Festival
“Reclaiming Eros: The Future of Eros is Now”
with Marc Gafni
July 27-Aug. 3, 2013
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland
Info and Registration

ITC Conference 2013
“Integral God: Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up, Lighten Up: Sacred Activism and Falling in Love with the Divine”
Presentation by Marc Gafni and Sally Kempton
July 20 @ 10:45am PT
San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel
ITC Schedule here>>>

Radio Interview with Dr. Gafni on “Simple Life”
Tune into KRXA 540 AM on the radio dial, or stream on
Sat, July 6 @ 4:06 – 4:58pm Pacific

Awakening Your Unique Self: The Spiritual Tipping Point for Living
with Marc Gafni
Starts April 24, 2013. 10-week tele-course.
Registration Still Open>>>

“Unique Self and Creating Connection Through Chronic Pain”
a free phone dialogue with Dr. David Hanscom and Marc Gafni
Tuesday, June 25 at 6pm PT (9pm ET)
Sign up here>>>

“Unique Self and the Guidance System of Higher Mind”
a free phone dialogue with David Loye and Marc Gafni
June 13 at 6pm PT
Sign up here>>>

“The Next Step in Transformation:
Unique Self, Organizational Leadership, and the Destiny of Nations

A free, 3-Part Tele-Series with Richard Barrett and Marc Gafni
June 15 (April 27 and May 18 complete)
More Info>>>

The Carmel-by-the-Sea Rotary Club Weekly Meeting
“On Unique Self” – presentation by Marc Gafni
Carmel Mission Inn (Carmelo Room), Carmel, CA
June 19 at 12pm PT
More Info>>>

“Unique Self and Bridging the Gap Between Wisdom and Practice”
A free phone dialogue with John Renesch and Marc Gafni
May 7 @ 5pm PDT
Info and Sign Up Here>>>

“Actualize: Awakening Your Unique Self”
Presentation by Marc Gafni
The New Living Expo
Concourse Exhibition Center, San Francisco
April 26, 2013 @ 8pm
Tickets Here>>>

“Unique Self and the Real Wealth of Nations”
Special Free Public Square Phone Event
with Marc Gafni and special guest, Riane Eisler
Tuesday, Apr 22 at 6pm Pacific
Sign up here>>>

“Evolving Faith:
God, Unique Self and an Ecological Christianity”
Free dialogue with Mike Morrell and Marc Gafni
April 17 @ 6pm Pacific
Sign Up Here>>>

Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore Signing and Talk
“The Seven Levels of Pleasure in Unique Self-Realization” with Marc Gafni
at Carmel Art Foundation
April 5, 2013 @ 7pm

Wisdom School: Evolutionary Tantra
with Marc Gafni
March 7-10, 2013
Shalom Mountain Wisdom School, NY
Register Here>>>

Mega Mashup Live with Marc Gafni: Getting to the Heart of Your Great Gift
Join Dave Logan and special guest author Marc Gafni to learn more about your Unique Self and unleashing the Unique Selves of others.
Hosted by Dave Logan and CultureSync
March 14 @ 12 noon Eastern. Free.
Sign up for the live call here>>>

Evolver Learning Labs: “From Sex To Super-Consciousness: The Future Of Love”
Sensuous connection can open you to your truest self, and allow you to touch the divine.
6 Sessions, Starting Feb. 10
Hosted by Adam Gilad
Session with Marc Gafni on Sunday, Feb 24 @ 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm London
Info and Sign-up Here>>>

The Path of the Outrageous Lover
An evening salon with Marc Gafni, hosted by friends of World Spirituality San Francisco
February 24

Outrageous Lovers on Valentine’s Day
Dr. Marc Gafni will speak at this auspicious day for lovers, on how to be an Outrageous Lover in the world!
Thursday, Feb 14 at 7:30pm (Holland time)
Keizersgrachtkerk, Amsterdam
Register here>>>

7 Tastes of Sexing: The New Tantra
with Marc Gafni, Leon Gras, and Sujata van Overveld
Feb. 8-10, 2013
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland
Register Here>>>

Actualize: The Source Code of Success (a 5-day retreat)
with  Marc Gafni et al.
Jan. 23-27, 2013
San Francisco, CA

3rd Annual World Spirituality Retreat: Falling in Love with the Divine: Devotion and Tantra of the Heart
with Sally Kempton and Marc Gafni
Nov. 9-11
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, Calif.
Register here>>>

9th Bi-Annual Wisdom School at Shalom Mountain: The New Enlightenment that Changes Everything: a 4-day Unique Self Enlightenment Intensive
with Marc Gafni, Nance Mcgee, Tom Goddard
Oct. 11–14
Shalom Mountain Wisdom School, Livingston Manor, New York.  For more information or to be placed on the wait list:

Unique Self Facilitator Training: By Invitation Only
with Marc Gafni
Oct 14-15

Unique Self Training
with Marc Gafni
Leading Treatment Center

The Future of Love and Sexuality
with World Spirituality Teacher-in-Residence Marc Gafni
Mar. 17-19
Shalom Mountain Wisdom School, Livingston Manor, New York

Conscious Capitalism Conference
Presentation by Marc Gafni on Unique Self and Conscious Business
Mar. 19-25
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, Calif.

Intimacy Intensive
(Keynote Address by Marc Gafni on Seven Tastes of Sexing)
Apr. 27-29
Las Vegas, Nev.

Unique Self Process (Taught in Public for the First Time!)
with Marc Gafni
May 1921
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland

Community Retreat
with Marc Gafni
May 19-20
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland

Leadership Vision Retreat
with Marc Gafni
May 21-24
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland

Unique Self Conversations
with Marc Gafni
June 6-8
Department of Religion, Higher Education Academy (By Invitation Only)

The Spiritual Dimension – A Journey Into Humanity
with Marc Gafni and Terry Nelson
June 16-17
The Legacy Center, Morrisville, North Carolina
Enroll Now

Complex Trauma and Treatment of Addictive Behavior
with Marc Gafni and Bessel Van Derk Kolk
June 22-23
Monterey, CA

Center for World Spirituality/Venwoude Festival of Love
with Marc Gafni accompanied by Leon Gras, Mauk Piper, Chahat Corten, Sujata von Overveld, Marijke Heetveld, Lesley Freeman, John Thompson, Sean Wilkinson
July 29-Aug. 5
Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland