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June 1, 2023


We live in a world of outrageous pain. The only response is outrageous love.

We live in a world of outrageous beauty. The only response is outrageous love.

The path of outrageous love is the path of the outrageous lover. The outrageous lover keeps every boundary that should be kept and breaks every boundary that should be broken. These are dangerous words…

What does the outrageous lover do? The outrageous lover commits outrageous acts of love that are yours and yours alone to commit. They emerge from your Unique Self.

You have to be willing to answer these questions: Who are you? Are you willing to play a larger game?

You are an irreducibly unique expression of the love-intelligence and love-beauty that is the animating Eros of All-That-Is. There are outrageous acts of love that can be done only in, through, and as you.

You’re irreducible, stunning manifestation of 13 billion years of evolution that conspired together in infinite synchronicities to manifest the infinite gorgeousness which is you. What an experience of reality!

The Center for Integral Wisdom is motivated, animated, driven, invited by, humbled by, and dancing in outrageous love. If you want to know its quality, it’s startling, unexpected, surprising, delightful, radically ethical and radically erotic.

Our invitation to you is to notice that there is outrageous pain and respond to it. The world is waiting for it.


You know that our hearts close.

We all know it. We live most of our lives with our hearts closed.

There’s something going on at this moment which moves to close our hearts more powerfully than any single prior force in history. That force is the gap between our ability to feel and our ability to heal.

What happens when you are assaulted daily with images of tragedy in the Congo, Rwanda, Bosnia, and the poor parts of Asia, and the Middle East, Appalachia, the inner cities. You are assaulted with such a level of misery and you’re internal experience is that you are impotent. You don’t know how to heal.

The gap between your ability to heal and your ability to feel becomes too large, so you close your heart. You don’t know what else to do. It’s too painful. The divine within you is the infinity of pain, so you close your heart. You are God, but a powerless God.

What do we do? We look for a way to participate in the healing. The answer is outrageous love … and it remembers the path of the outrageous lover who has outrageous acts to commit.

What we understand about the nature of reality is that it is not only top down, but seeded with bottom-up intelligence. In other words, reality is not dictated from on high, but your contribution is critical to the system. The world is guided by self-organizing intelligence.

There isn’t a secret corporation or government office that’s going to work it out. If we unleash the inherent creativity of every human being who is a Unique Self who can meet the unique needs that he or she is able to respond to, it sets in motion a viral chain of Unique Self expressions, Unique Selves manifesting their outrageous acts of love.

God lives in you, as you. It is the outrageous love which dances in you which can address a unique need at the street level of reality if you are awake, alive, and whole. You feel all your power is in you. All of the sudden the gap between your ability to feel and your ability to heal is closed because you realize you can close it.

Your invitation, your vocation, speaks love into the darkness in a way no other voice can. You feel your awakeness, aliveness, and you can open your heart once again.