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March 30, 2023

Acts of Love Menu

This is your second invitation: To wake up and show up by committing “Outrageous Acts of Love.”

What do we mean by outrageous acts of love?

What should you do?

Here is a list of possibilities:

Some are big, life-changing acts.

Others are smaller — specific examples designed to get your heartmath calculating.

Some are meta-directions which you can manifest in practical real-world outrageous acts of love.

Adopt a child.

Send a gift greater than what you would “normally” give, and give it to someone to whom you would not normally give a gift.

Eye by dan,

Recognize someone who has been systematically ignored or misunderstood, and who desperately needs your recognition.

Commit a random act of love for a stranger.


Be like Rumi – the Sufi poet – and write an outrageous love letter to someone you know.

Put someone through school who is not your child – and who could not do it without you.

Give your child a daily, full download of your love and respect for who they are.

Give your mother and father a full download of your love and respect for who they are.

Give up being right.

Respect Ethics Honest Integrity Signpost Means Good Qualities by Stuart Miles,

Step down from a long-held position, even if there is some loss in doing so – for the sake of integrity.

Take steps to heal the lineage of anger and abuse in your family; breaking old, stuck family traditions, and establishing a new lineage of love.

Give outrageous love to yourself– confess your greatness.

Seedling In Hand by zirconicusso,

Consider what is your unique gift, which addresses a unique need that can be addressed in that particular way only by you. Then give it.

Kindly ask the people who serve you their names – make a vow that you will always find out the name of anyone who gives you service.

Hands Of Woman Barista Serving A Cup Of Cappucino by tiverylucky,

Leave a relationship that does not honor your Unique Self.

Step away from an egoic need of your own in order to support the emergence of someone else’s Unique Self.

Find your Unique Risk, and risk it.

Enter an intimacy that you are afraid of by staying open as love through the fear.

2010. Photo courtesy of jscreationzs.

Open your heart again and again, and keep loving outrageously even after you have been betrayed.

Awaken to and align with the ecstatic evolutionary impulse that urgently seeks to live in you, as you and through you.

Stars And Nebula Gas by Victor Habbick,

Outrageous lover, start with what is in front of you, right now!

(c) 2011 photo courtesy of markuso; www.freedigitalphotos.netThe outrageous lover thinks locally and acts locally – at street level – in relation to his or her neighbor. Outrageous love acts from right where it finds itself, moment by moment. In this way, it initiates a viral self-organizing reality of love. The self-organizing reality of outrageous love begins to be realized every time you recognize you are an irreducibly unique expression of the love-intelligence and love-beauty that initiated and animates all that is.

The outrageous lover knows that he or she can respond to a corner of UnLove in the world in a way that no other being – that ever was, is or will be – can do.

So the outrageous lover says to reality: Yes!!! I Do!!!!

You, the Outrageous Lover, love Reality open to God.

kristina_kincaid-100x100Marc-Venwoude2013A collaboration between
Marc Gafni,
Kristina Kincaid,
and the Center for Integral Wisdom