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March 21, 2023

Introduction to Integral Wisdom Press

Welcome to Integral Wisdom Press!

Integral Wisdom Press is an imprint of Integral Publishers founded by Russ Volckmann, the editor of the Integral Leadership Review, a great human being, who partners primarily with Keith Bellamy and Brett Thomas. Keith and Brett are both wonderful friends: Brett has produced the first iteration of the Awakening Your Unique Self Telecourse and with Keith who is coming from the same lineage tradition as Marc Gafni, Marc has had many deep and long conversations. It was Keith’s vision and dream of what was possible that actually initiated the relationship between Dr. Marc, the Center for Integral Wisdom and Integral Publishers.

Integral Publishers published Your Unique Self and the two academic volumes Radical Kabbalah. They have published The Evolution of Tears, and another book on Two Models of Evolutionary Mysticism. And there are at least two more books that will be published with Integral Publishers.

In deep discussion, we decided that we want to have our own imprint within the publishing house. So we developed the Integral Wisdom Press which is exclusively for books about World Spirituality, Eros, and the core structures of thought and heart that we are evolving within the Center. Our books are all rooted in Integral wisdom which can change the source code in many fields.

Integral Wisdom Press is presidented by Maureen Metcalf and executive editor Paul Bennett, who are great human beings and partners.

If you look within the portal, you can find a list of published books that we have worked on over the years even before the Center started. You will also get access to a list of works in progress. And as more books are published, they will be available here. Some products will be linked to the media store where you can buy the books, and others will be available directly through Integral Wisdom Press.