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June 1, 2023

Embodied Art Project

Artwork by Megwyn White

Artwork by Megwyn White


What is the Embodied Art Project?

Megwyn White

Megwyn White

The Embodied Art Project is a *private* group on Facebook started by Megwyn White that curates and creates community through sharing art and collaborating around the unique gifts and talents of the participants.

Through art we alchemize our blocks, find our true voice, and awaken the expression of the “collective muse” between us.

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Megwyn writes about The Embodied Art Imperative:


by Megwyn White

The Embodied Art Imperative is born from the idea that in order to form deeper and more lasting connections we must be willing to move slowly into the role of the embodied artist. What does it mean to be an embodied artist? How is it different from other forms of artistic expression?

We believe that the paradigm will slowly shift from each man for himself into ushering the age of “each man is an artist unto himself.” In fact what is life but art?

The Internet has woven us together in a frequency of sharing and mutuality. It has insighted us to explore connections between things. But it can also be a hall of mirrors that mask our true nature and pull us narrowly down the path of egoic, and addictive patterns. We often get pulled down the wrong path when our sharing is not fully held and embraced. We are not able to truly “feel” the other, and therefore must only speculate as to the the inner dimensions of the soul.

But art is often considered the language of the soul.

What better way to understand the other than through the unique portal of artistic sharing? Through our art we get to experience the magic threshold of creative manifestation birthed into form. We get to be babies, grown-ups, and the like playing in the artistic magic of our imagination and experience.

We are too often told that we are not artists. That art is reserved for the few 1% of individuals that can create at a level which yields a living. What if art was our currency? It can be.

When we create together we get to be surprised, and creatively nourished to also use *our* imagination to help mother the other into being exactly who they are.

The Embodied Art Imperative is a recognition that in order to survive the coming era in which technology will magnify our ability to connect beyond physical and cultural borders. In order to form deeper and more lasting connections online  we must become expert collaborators, and must learn to share our sometimes more artistic side. But not “just” share, we must also learn to share with our unique aesthetic and be supportive of the uniqueness of others.

Having something which can thread us together in the act of culminating our unique expression in collaboration is what the Embodied Art Imperative is all about. When we have a a “common thread”, a feeling of mutuality we are able to write our sacred stories in a way that can honor the collective. It is a tapestry we weave together strung on the web of our deepest yearnings, and our most palpable moments.

If we are to truly wake up to the gift we have been given as life we must be willing to put our creativity on the line. When we do it in community we create a powerful field of trust that can open our hearts beyond the shell of our limited attachment to “who we think we should be”. The embodied art imperative is about creating the ground in which our sharing can culminate as fully We must be willing to free the ties that bind us to our expression, that limit our voice. We must be willing to ‘speak up’ and reveal the ‘true face’ beyond the lack and limitation of our mask.

In order to experience the true face of our essence we must be willing to move both inside and then outward to reveal all the subtle nuanced ways our being wants to share.

Welcome to our portal we hope you will join us down the rabbit hole of your own “unique” desire expressed eloquently. As you are.