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May 28, 2023

VOXER- Best App for Staying in Touch with the Voice


by Megwyn White

With this app you can turn your iPhone or smartphone into a walkie talkie. You can also create group “voxers” conversations and integrate images and text. This app is similar to “what’s app” but is more simplified and there is less download time to hear the voice.

Top 5 reasons I love this app:

  • It’s easy to use
  •  It allows you to connect with the voice which is far more intimate than words alone.
  • You get the chance to listen without the need to respond immediately.
  • You can share your thoughts with more than one person.
  • Voxer keeps a record of your “voxes” so that you can listen and reminisce and respond with more depth of feeling.

Some creative ways to use voxer:

  • Read your lover a book
  • Create a “pillow talk” conversation with a lover or a friend
  • Use pictures and voice to share with a friend or lover an adventure you are on.
  • Write a group poem in which you take turns to write the lines and share in voice.

Back in the Day Moment – Reading Together

In this catalyst I challenge you to record yourself reading a piece of your favorite literature and share that audio file with someone you love. There are many ways to share.

You can:

– Send it in an email
– Create a conversation on the Voxer app sharing favorite excerpts of the book.
– Or you can share inside of the Embodied Art Project for the whole community to appreciate.

To hear my reading of the Seduction of the Minotaur>>>

To join the Embodied Art Project on Facebook>>>

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In this portal, Marc Gafni and Megwyn White take you deep into new possibilities of Digital Intimacy as part of the great new evolutionary emergence.

Several years ago Marc coined the terms Evolutionary Intimacy, Digital Intimacy and the Evolution of Love. Megwyn has embodied the wisdom of the sacred feminine which sought not so much to name but rather to enact practical tools of Digital Intimacy. As Marc’s dharma and lineage met Megwyn’s original sacred digital technologies, the vision of Digital Intimacy was born.Marc visioned, articulated and enacted a dharma of Digital Intimacy. Megwyn intuited, felt and enacted the dharma and together they created new tools for digital intimacy.

Something new was born that was not there before. A new emergence. A new birth.

Marc is a philosopher, spiritual artist and the Co-Founder and Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom.

Megwyn is the founder of the Embodied Art Project, a teacher of embodied spirit wisdom and has recently been appointed Director of Digital Intimacy at the Center for Integral Wisdom.

Megwyn and Marc are collaborating in the context of the Center for Integral Wisdom on the Digital Intimacy project and the Embodied Art Imperative both of which they co-founded.