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February 7, 2023

Center for Integral Wisdom Portals

Image Courtesy of Gualberto107,

Image Courtesy of Gualberto107

The Center for Integral Wisdom (CIW) is the home of many Portals.

Portals are areas of work and expertise that our CIW activist think tank scholars are working on. Each Portal is part of the CIW framework–both organizationally and in regards to contents as well as visually–AND has its own look, feel, goal, and message. There is a comprehensive “Dharma” connecting them all.

Each of the Portals has a unique banner that shows you where you are in our Web-Plex. Under this banner you find a navbar that is unique to this portal and that enables you to find articles and media you are interested in.


The Portals are

  1. Unique Self Institute
  2. World Spirituality Project
  3. Conscious Eros, Creativity & Relationships
  4. Activist Think Tank
  5. Community
  6. Conscious Entrepreneur
  7. All In for All Life: Integral Politics & Conscious Society
  8. Integral Theory
  9. Integral Psychology
  10. Thought Leader Dialogues
  11. CIW Founders
  12. Digital Intimacy
  13. Spiritually Incorrect
  14. Outrageous Love Letters
  15. Outrageous Acts of Love
  16. Unique Self Recovery
  17. Integral Wisdom Press
  18. Media Store
  19. Programs & Events
  20. Unique Self Sports

The main CIW navbar on top always remains the same. Here, you can get to the overview pages, learn more about the Center for Integral Wisdom, its leadership, mission, founders, activist think tank, media, and also go to a different Portal or the main CIW Homepage any time you want to.

Everywhere on our site, you also find the beautiful tree that also takes you to the different Portals when you click on the colored cards with the Portal names.

Some of our Portals also have (or will have) their own sites for you to explore further. Right now, you can take a look here: