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March 30, 2023

The Center for Integral Wisdom Has Moved


Visit Us on


Thank you for visiting, a spot which has been the home of the Center for Integral Wisdom for the past several years. As part of our organization’s web presence reorganization, we have moved the contents of this site and will no longer be posting here.

You can find us, better than ever, on the Center for Integral Wisdom’s main site at You can find new exciting material on the homepage as well as the portals. Thanks once again for sticking with us … we look forward to seeing you on the new site!

CIW Statement on Negative Internet Campaign

In response to the current attacks on Dr. Marc Gafni, The Center for Integral Wisdom has released an official public statement. Read the full statement and comments here.

Center for Integral Wisdom Public Statement

Dr. Marc Gafni is under attack from certain quarters of the religious and spirituality worlds. Based on our careful review of extensive documentary evidence, numerous professional evaluations, and our collective experiences with Dr. Gafni, we fully trust that the claims of sexual harassment and abuse are false, and that other claims against him are maliciously exaggerated.

The Center for Integral Wisdom takes the strongest possible stance against all forms of sexual harassment and abuse. Before any of us became formally affiliated with the Center, we, collectively, carefully reviewed these allegations. We concluded, and reaffirm now, that the claims against Dr. Gafni are either untrue or significantly distorted. Furthermore, all of us have extensive professional and personal experiences of the most positive nature with Dr. Gafni, regularly observing his goodness, integrity and kindness. … [continued]