July 2, 2022

Simplicity Beyond Complexity: The Question Is the Answer (A Reponse to Suffering) by Marc Gafni

By Marc Gafni

Part I: The Question

One of the great teachings of the Integral Consciousness, which informs the emergent World Spirituality, is that frameworks matter.

The old world of the great traditions understood this very well. The framework is the meta-narrative, the big picture or worldview, the Great Story through which we interpret our experience.

To date in history, there have been three primary Great Stories. The pre-modern story was the story of simplicity, what I would call first simplicity. In terms of depth and interior enlightenment, this story was anything but simple in the simple-minded sense of things. It was the greatest interior view of the depths of kosmos, ever disclosed by the great human faculty of perception—the eye of the spirit. It was nonetheless, simplicity, because in large part[1], it claimed to have clear-cut answers to many of the great questions of Who we are, Why we are here, and Where we are going. Particularly, it claimed to offer clear and simple explanations of why human beings suffer or, said slightly differently, why bad things happen to good people. The Story was painful but simple. Suffering was a direct and clear part of the divine plan which human beings—if they looked deeply enough—were capable of understanding.

The Great Story of the old traditions was rejected by modernity and post-modernity. The profound simplicities were undermined and human kind found itself living in vast complexity. First Simplicity was replaced by a new complexity.

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Surrender to Your Beloved – A dialogue between Marc Gafni and Terry Patten

Surrender to your beloved in this lively dialogue with Terry Patten and Dr. Marc Gafni as they discuss The 2nd Face of God. There are innumerable ways to conceptualize God, Spirit, or the Divine. These can be broken down into three basic perspectives – first-person, second-person, and third-person views of God, Spirit, or the Divine. The recognition that manifest reality is fundamentally comprised of perspectives, or different lenses from which to view reality, does a great deal to transform our relationship to religion and spirituality. Here, Terry and Dr. Marc focus on the second-person perspective of God as they discuss intimacy with your own beloved. Tune in and share your perspectives. How do you surrender? How do you surrender to your beloved? And how do you discern when it is appropriate to surrender?

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Loving Your Way to Enlightenment with Dr. Marc Gafni and Sally Kempton — Oct. 14th – 16th, 2010

This is a weekend of heart-awakening practice—powerful teachings and methods for opening up your hidden capacity for relationship to the Beloved—both within yourself, in the people in your life, and in the world.

It’s been said that the path of love is the easiest of all paths to enlightenment.  Relational spiritual practice—devotion– has been part of every spiritual tradition.  But there are skills to be learned if we want to walk the path of love, and we need to know how to apply them not only in ecstatic moments or times of intimate connection, but also in the moments when love seems far away and difficult to access.

In this workshop, guided by two powerful teachers, we’ll practice at the cutting edge of enlightening love.

We’ll begin with a pragmatic post-traditional perspective on the devotional path, how to practice it in our relationship to spirit, and also in our intimate, ordinary, and difficult moments with lovers, friends and family.

We’ll find out what it means to be held by the divine, and to hold the divinely human in others. We’ll explore how we can let love transmute pain and confusion into light. We’ll look at insights from two great traditions about surrender to the divine.

We’ll practice entering into divine presence for uncovering and healing emotional wounds.

We’ll explore how to love through your wounds, love in the crunch, love as perception, and love as an energetic experience.

The weekend is layered with deep meditation, ecstatic chant, transformative partner work and contemplation—offered with Marc’s loving visionary wisdom, power and humor, and Sally’s sublime transmission of expanded states of the heart.