May 26, 2022

Unique Self Coaching Expands in Europe and US

The first participants in the Unique Self Coaching Collective have successfully completed the 9-month certification program that masterfully weaves Integral Coaching and Unique Self Realization into a new and beautiful program of deep Self-Inquiry practices that is very teachable to other coaches for use with their clients.

Unique Self Coaching was developed by Integral Master Coaches Barbara Alexander and Claire Molinard with the support of Dr. Marc Gafni. They have upcoming 9-month certification programs in Europe and the U.S., and you’ll find more information on their website.


“We believe that everyone has a unique purpose and that joy arises naturally when one lives in the reality of their unique calling as a gift to the world. This is what it is means to be living as a Unique Self. Our vision and greatest hope is that Unique Self Coaching may serve as a skillful means to facilitate the emergence of the Unique Self in men and women of all ages so they may live happier, more successful and purposeful lives in service to the world.”

Integral Master Coaches and Founders of the Unique Self Coaching Collective, Barbara Alexander and Claire Molinard



Unique Self Coaching Collective Evolves

Barbara Alexander-2013

Barbara Alexander
Master Integral Coach

A new certification program in Unique Self Coaching designed by Integral Master Coaches Barbara Alexander and Claire Molinard at the request of Marc Gafni launched its first training in June 2014 as the Unique Self Coaching Collective. The program will run over a 9-month period, with three intensive meetings and nine months of both personal coaching and supervised Unique Self Coaching of volunteer clients.

Claire Molinard

Claire Molinard
Master Integral Coach

The foundation of the training is Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and Marc Gafni’s Unique Self dharma. The process facilitates one diving inward to clarify the front edge of their development and engaging in practices that connect to Creative Source to engage one’s unique potential and embody the stabilized emergence of Unique Self consciousness. Unique Self Coaching Collective Training Brochure 2015-16

The first participants are all experienced in varying degrees of Integral Theory and Unique Self teachings. I am profoundly delighted to be among this professionally diverse, talented and accomplished group of thoughtful and heart-expanding evolutionaries. We are collectively full of praise and gratitude for the elegant and comprehensive program designed and taught by Barbara and Claire.

Future programs are scheduled to begin in the U.S. in June 2015, and in Europe during July 2015. Claire and Barbara recently joined Marc and the amazing Venwoude community for the Summer Festival of Love in Holland. They were honored to be one of the workshop contributors and appreciated the opportunity to introduce their upcoming training to be held at Venwoude starting in July 2015.

Unique Self Coaching website



Unique Self Courses A Success!


Dear friends,

Love is all around, and this newsletter is dedicated to all those wondrous ways that love shows up in the world and in our work at the Center for World Spirituality.

3,000 people take Unique Self Mini-Course: Awakening
We are delighted to announce that 3,000 people have participated in the Unique Self Mini-Course.

The Mini Course is a four week course with fantastic supplemental materials and has been described by many people who participated as life changing. It offers a core shift in your experience of yourself and the way you are able to show up in the world. You can still take this course right now. It is absolutely free – our gift to you and the awakening of Your Unique Self.

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Ten-Week Deluxe Unique Self Course in Full Swing:

UniqueSelf_H_FullC_00The ten week Unique Self course has also exceeded even our wildest dreams. Each week of this ten week course people have gathered from all over the world to directly participate together in the Awakening of Unique Self. For those of you who are in the teaching, you know that Unique Self is not about being an isolated individual. Rather, Unique Self is the great connector. Unique Self creates a powerful evolutionary we-space in which every irreducible Unique Self shows up in full splendor and commitment.  Each week the course deepens, and course participants and all involved in the course are consistently reporting genuine experiences of transformative insight, awakening and community. This past week’s theme has been love: Love as a Unique Self perception, Love as the very force that animates the whole cosmos, Love as the strange attractor driving evolution, and Love as the decision to open up in every moment, even in the midst of pain and fear. As Dr. Marc said in a beautiful meditation during the call:

Even though you have habits of closure, right now, in this moment, you can always practice opening to feel; open to feel what you are feeling now, whatever it is, and when you open to it, your heart opens and melts away that which is in the way.

You can still join the course, listen to the previous sessions, participate in the online portal and this awesome community of likeminded people, get feedback from Dr. Marc, and ask your questions in the next Q&A session. To jump in wholeheartedly, sign up here. [Read more…]

Unique Self Process: Taught for the First Time Ever in Public — May 19 – 21, 2012

What: Unique Self Process: Taught for the First Time Ever in Public

When: May 19 – 21, 2012

Where: Venwoude Retreat Center in Holland. Inexpensive flights available.

Who: Dr. Marc Gafni and Mauk Pieper: Unique Self Process: First Three Days

Who: Dr. Marc Gafni and Chahat Corten, Pauline Botden

The Principles and Practices of Unique Self Enlightenment

The Democratization of Enlightenment Begins with You!

Principle and Practice 1: The Invitation and Responsibility of Unique Self

Unique Self: The Evolutionary Context
The Four Pillars of Unique Self
Two Tastes: Being and Becoming

Principle and Practice 2: The Glory of the Story

Personal and Impersonal Enlightenment
Live Your Story: Mythologize Don’t Pathologize
Details Matter: The Time Line and Trajectory of Your Life

Principle and Practice 3: False Core, False Self, and the Trajectory of Identity

Personality Types
False Core, False Self WHOLE WEEK ON THIS

Principle and Practice 4: Awakening: Evolution Beyond Ego

True Self, True Identity
Paths of Practice to Awaken Your Unique Self
Unique Self and Transcendence

Principle and Practice 5: Awakening: Evolution Beyond Ego

Five Differences Between Unique Self and Ego
The Democratization of Enlightenment
The New Enlightenment

Principle and Practice 6: Unique Wound and Unique Shadow

The Shadow: Three Steps Beyond Jung
Shadow and the New Enlightenment
Follow Your Shadow to Your Unique Self

Principle and Practice 7: Unique Gifts, Unique Delight and Unique Obligation

What is your Unique Self?
What are your Unique Gifts?
What is your Unique Purpose?

Principle and Practice 8: Evolutionary We Space

The creation of the Unique We
Five Principles and Practice which invoke the Miracle of We
Public Enlightenment: The Next Evolutionary Leap