September 30, 2022

Discerning the Patterns that Connect, Dr. Marc Gafni

Discerning the Patterns that Connect

Summary: In the excerpt below from his June 2011 TEDxSinCity talk “Your Unique Self: The Future of Enlightenment,” Dr. Marc lovingly draws our attention to the shared story of World Spirituality emerging at this moment in intellectual history. What we yearn for and already share, in spite of the many ways we focus on what divides us, are the deep structures of meaning we can know first-hand—in our first-persons—and that we can reveal using the Eye of the Spirit.

Excerpt from TEDxSinCity, June 2, 2011

The profound need that we have is to live in a story that’s real, to live in a story which hasn’t been deconstructed. To live in a metanarrative in which we actually understand in some profound way that that which unites us is so much greater than that which divides us. To live in a shared context of meaning, when through the virtual realities that we all live in, there’s a kind of metanarrative. There’s a kind of shared depth of meaning structures that actually create a global commons—not only of industry, not only of capitalized globalization, not only of commerce, but a global commons of deep structures of meaning.

And, out of that impetus, we began this vision of unfolding World Spirituality. What a world spirituality is at its core is a reclaiming of a shared vision, a yearning to identify: what are the patterns that connect? A yearning to understand: what are the depth structures that actually unite us?

…[A] world spirituality is not interfaith. It’s not interfaith. Interfaith was very lovely when it started. It was beautiful, it was respect, it was honor. But, it lacked a deep engagement in the depth structures of Spirit. Someone once said that interfaith—and I can say it this way because I’m a rabbi, I get to say it—was when Jews who didn’t believe in Judaism got together with Christians who didn’t believe in Christianity and discovered they had a lot in common. So, there was something very kind of pallid about it. You know, the opposite of the holy is the superficial.

Then, we had the perennial philosophy, and the perennial philosophy on which Ken and I both cut our teeth is basically the shared depth structures of all the great traditions as that which should guide us. But that shouldn’t guide us. Why not? Because the great traditions are beautiful, they’re holy, they’re stunning, they’re sacred, they’re deep, but they’re premodern. They’re premodern. So, if we’re going to actually be guided by the shared depth structures of premodernity, we’ve made a regressive move. We’ve gone backwards. A world spirituality has to integrate the best and deepest insights of the premodern, the modern, and the postmodern. And, we have to weave those together in a vision that actually allows for a shared story that we can transmit and hold and live in.

And, it’s not that the story knows everything. There’s so much we don’t know. We hold the uncertainty. We dance the mystery. But there’s also that which we know. That which we actually can taste, we can feel, and we know it not because we have faith. We’re not interested in faith. We know it not because it’s a dogma that someone has told us. We know it because we have first-hand, first-person experience after having done experiments of Spirit…. We’ve gathered the results. We’ve checked them with the community of the adequate, which is precisely the scientific method. And, we’ve revealed, using the faculty of the Eye of the Spirit, a shared story, which actually is one that can unite us.

Three Steps to God: Awakening Your Evolutionary Creativity… by Dr. Marc Gafni

… and Reclaiming the Higher Obligation and Joy of Your Life

by Dr. Marc Gafni

Notes on an Emergent World Spirituality based on Integral Principles.

Hi Friends, I am writing you from the road. Traveling, meetings to unfold the World Spirituality movement based on integral principles, teaching, and much more. I am delighted to be alive and to be writing to you.  I am thinking a lot of these days about how to  harness the fire of your Evolutionary Creativity.

Here are some thoughts about creativity which come from deep within the Source Code of our emerging Integral world view. What a delight and privilege it is to participate with you in the evolution of consciousness. What a wild and holy privilege it is to have this conversation with you. One of the things this blog will make clear is the trajectory of emergence from Unique Self to Love to Evolutionary Creativity.  As we connect the dots, the eros and ethos of the Great World Spirituality Awakening story comes into view. So here we go……. [Read more…]

Zen & the Art of World Spirituality with Marc Gafni and Doen Silberberg Sensei

In this fireside chat, Marc Gafni and Doen Silberberg Sensei each discuss creativity from their own lineage and perspective. Dr. Marc speaks on creativity from the perspective of the enlightenment teachings and explores inquiries such as: What is the invitation of creativity? Why does it excite us to be creative? Why does it excite us to experience our own creativity? Doen Sensei offers his perspective on creativity, deeply rooted in the Zen Buddhist tradition. Don’t miss this exciting video dialog between the traditions as we unfold the vision of a World Spirituality together.

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World Spirituality Retreat – Day 3: Involution & Evolution

by Leyna Roget

Terry Patten is a firecracker of a teacher, and yet every bit of the exuberant knowledge he imparts on us is lined with love. For him, integral living is about formulating a commitment to the social framework of humanity through raw honesty and integrity. Patten leads us in a series of yogic moves to enter into the sacred space of our bodies. Our three body centers (head, heart, center) are the three faces of God through which we can awaken to the ‘I AM-ness’ of the divine and one another. We tap each limb of our body alive and our mind and heart follow.

Patten has such a poignant way of recognizing the mind-body connection as integral to realizing our full life force – individually and collectively. Through ‘involution’ our human, personal experience is accessed and is able to evolve, because really, our ‘involutionary given’ is that we are human AND humanity. With the birth of the cosmos, the big bang (or ‘holy yes’ as Patten puts it, haha) “evolution is a single story line that unites all of human knowledge”. Maybe the big bang knew what it was doing because once we came to be complex forms of life we were able to see the process by which we came to be. So, evolution has become self aware through us, and we are witnesses to our involution of self. Think about the universe having the gift of life, but not realizing it until billions of years later. Now think about your birth and being written a check by the universe, totaling the infinite sum of your worth to the world, and now, to be present means cashing it in yourself for all you have always been worth. OMG.

It wasn’t enough for Patten to be enthusiastic in his delivery, there was a certain amount of tenacity to his urging us to “make a contribution, be a part of that which is a healthy human adaptive response to this moment…anything less than that is unacceptable and you know it in your heart…you have to find a way to validate your own existence”. Amen. What’s the first step to validating our BEING-ness? “Be willing to feel all of it un-buffered, and be seen in it” – in that gritty, scary, revealing, shameful, beautiful, honest, unique you.

Patten gets to the heart of this breathtaking dialogue by asking, “what does it take for us to be real with one another…to touch and be touched…to be trustworthy?” This leads us into a series of group exercises that entreat us play and share in a space of vulnerability, with interpersonal communication anchored in love. We sit intimately close, in circles of four people. Being utterly present, we take rounds to concisely address a single question or statement: How are I feeling? … What is something that will allows others to know me better? … What I’m ashamed of is … The tension I’m living with is … A commitment I’m willing to make right now is… Wow. What a remarkable exercise in letting down your guard and TRULY getting to know people! We connect through these fears, evolutionary questions, and the desire to take our “involution” seriously.

I’ll forever cherish the challenge to take a chance with presence by “being dangerously real” and “listening with a beginners mind”. We are reminded to author and narrate our divine reality. Patten’s invigorating approach to human / humanity wholeness is energizing. What happens matters, what you do matters, in this moment – own it!

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World Spirituality Retreat: Day 3 – Growing Up: Going Deeper to Make a Difference

by Leyna Roget

We’re still at that settling in stage of the retreat, which makes our morning yoga/meditation courtesy of Mike Brabant a refreshing, group energy bonding experience. Not to mention, a little comedy with your down dog never hurts, as we fan out our palms into ‘alien hands’ for stability. Marcy Baruch greets us this morning, appropriately setting the tone for togetherness with her melodic words, “I am the space behind I am…we are the space behind we are”. While we sing to honor many voices, this intimate retreat is as much a challenge to individual purpose, and in so embodies the third principle of world spirituality: growing up.

John Welwood initially coined the term “growing up” in his book Toward a Psychology of Awakening in reference to becoming psychologically whole. Marc Gafni explains, in the model of world spirituality, this description of growing up is more synonymous with our understanding of the awakening or ‘waking up’ stage. Therefore, growing up means the ability to move through higher and higher structures of consciousness in our life. As we age we organize and understand our experience of reality through a lens, our consciousness. For example, a child will have a distinct way of connecting the dots of self and experience in this world, versus an adult. Consciousness as a structure progresses from egocentric (limiting outlook to focus mainly on oneself), to ethnocentric (identification with the needs of a specific group), to world-centric (valuing the needs of humanity). Thanks to Terry Patten’s presentation of the next stage as “cosmocentric” (empathic identification and compassion for ALL that is), I’ve just had my consciousness blown open beyond the constraints of our natural world. Ironically, many religious texts operate from a love for the cosmos perspective, but the authoring person(s) is still bound to their egocentric view so the narrative shows up through a popular ethnocentric lens.

Being a Sustainable Human Presence

Growing up is about being an awakened form of consciousness in this world, “the next expression of the human race, the homo-noetic”. What I appreciate more than anything is how no-nonsense Patten is about telling us grow up, and own up to our call as spiritual practitioners. We must honor a sustainable human presence and be “authentic to the health of the fabric of the whole human system”. Everyone is capable of breaking through to an epic life purpose, as long as they are willing. “It’s about getting right with God and the call to exemplify greatness…When we tune into the profoundly good news of our divine nature, we begin towards oneness, and concurrently discover an urgency to care for humanity with love and activism”. Every person, in their individuality, has the ability to fill in the gaps towards elevating humanity to a functioning system of interconnectedness. This feels like a YAHTZEE kind of moment!

Answering the Call of Ecstatic Love

Living in a cosmocentric consciousness is about more than just being a global citizen. Marc Gafni illustrates this point beautifully with a discussion on the concept of obligation. The Hebrew translation for obligation is “ecstatic love”. This expression of love beyond limits is how we embody the seamless (but not featureless) source code of the world. When we perceive a cosmocentric existence, it is as though we experience the world as living in us. For many in a relationship with power, the message of obligation centers on what is “right” as opposed to what is centered on love and unity. It is the demand for to fulfill an obligation that often discourages authentic action. Gafni suggests that we must reclaim power as an expression of truth and change the dimension of obligation to be innate to our awakened unique self AND evolutionary urgency. It’s quite simple, obligation is created out of genuine need, recognition of a need, ability to meet the need, and seeing oneself as the only one able to meet that need. Therefore, obligation as a stage of developmental consciousness is actually embodied in our essence. Our waking up and growing up to our purpose is really to love ecstatically. Whether you understand your cosmocentric quest as a public or private practitioner, the shift of our internal structures in living in a state of ecstatic love (or obligation), has a dramatic affect towards creating shifts in the lives of others, and the heart of the cosmic source code.

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Lord of the Rings, the Stanley Cup, and the Virgin Mary – Reflections on the Call by Trevor Malkinson

by Trevor Malkinson

“To refuse the call means stagnation. What you don’t experience positively, you will experience negatively” – Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

In the Hero’s Journey ‘monomyth’ that Joseph Campbell discovered scattered throughout the world’s mythological traditions, the journey always starts with the call to adventure. The hero or heroine, often an average unsuspecting person, is summoned to leave the safe confines of their world and journey into the unknown on a quest they don’t yet understand. In the 20th century, two major motion picture trilogies- Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings– gave epic representations of the hero’s journey, and people flocked to these films en masse. Why are we so drawn to these depictions of the hero’s journey and the adventure of taking up ‘the call’? What exactly is the calling, where is it emanating from, and why are we so attracted to it?  This article is an extended reflection on the nature of the call and how it shows up in our religion, our art, our culture, and perhaps most importantly, in ourselves.


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World Spirituality Retreat: Day 2 – Cleaning Up: The Nature of Shadow

by Leyna Roget

I notice a succinct metaphor in working within the body today; our parts comprise a body, our awakened body reclaims participation within the network of ‘all that is’. There is a kind of ‘flatland’ premise that in raising children, parents’ inextricable damage their psyche so that a majority of ones life is spent equalizing those injuries. Marc Gafni begins with this example to illustrate the second principle of cultivating world spirituality: cleaning up.

Gafni redirects this theory to say that although your parents conceived you, essence has birthed you thru the vessel of your parents. Therein they are only one part of the puzzle that is your perception on this life. In seeking to find our way, we develop humility and compassion towards our parents. Then we notice the relevance of cleaning up, as relevant to our thought forms and belief systems (concrete and energetic), in order to realize the perfection of our creation. So really, from conception by our unique parents, we underwent unique challenges, which have lead us to the unique selves we are today.

Carl G. Jung introduced the term “shadow” to describe the repressed or denied parts of the Self. The practice of Shadow Work engages a “personal growth process which brings your hidden powers out of the shadow and into the light…and become more and more who we really are.” Gafni asserts that engaging in this evolution of consciousness is a luxury for many, and delving into the depths of one’s evil is especially undesirable. Through Shadow Work you are supposed take these repressed and denied qualities and then integrate them back into your self. In Gafni’s “reality consideration” (mind you, “not a lecture” he says, haha), we examine how integration of radical and destructive desires is problematic. These negative cravings are themselves not necessary to the whole of our experience as instead it’s the structure of the darkness that is transformative.

To simplify Shadow Work and say “follow your darkness it will bring you to the light” has dangerous implications as a broad teaching. Alternately, we consider an esoteric reference to the Book of Solomon (Chapter 2, Ecclesiastecles): “greater is wisdom than folly, greater is light than darkness” with the original translation for “than” as “that comes from”. The text becomes: “greater is wisdom that comes from the folly, greater is light that comes from the darkness”. Whoa. Right about now is when my head starts experiencing that throb of a post-strobe light flashing.

As Caplan mentioned earlier in the day, once we apply attention to something our prahna (life force) awakens to it presence, so if we clarify those things that trouble us the most we actually find the light is hidden in the darkness. Gafni connects this to mean, “if the fool would follow his folly he would be wise”. In the new enlightenment teaching of world spirituality, each person’s shadow “is a distortion of your unique, awakened self that needs, desires and wants to be lived.” The cleaning up of the shadow, therefore, makes sense in the context of waking up to the unique self. While I’m less likely to daydream about my uncomfortable, sad side, I notice that apart from a mild anxiety towards identifying my unique shadow, there is a profound excitement to uncovering potential that’s been hiding in the dark.

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World Spirituality Retreat: Day 2 – The Body as Context for Oneness

by Leyna Roget

We enter into the psyche this morning with Mariana Caplan to address the concept of unity, accessible through a focus on inward form. “Mind lives in the body” so that when you examine one through the other, with knowledge of aliveness, the body becomes a foundation for spirit. We first tune into the spirit of the group through single articulations of our state of mind in that present moment: transformation…open…receptive… discovering… Many of our words begin to mirror one another’s and Caplan points out, the wonderful thing about spirituality is that often before we can articulate our experience of it, the feeling lands within us. There’s no doubt that spirituality is on all our minds and bursting from our hearts.

More and more, I experience the feeling of spirituality in the observations of external synchronicity and an internal calm-joy. While this is different and at times confusing for everyone, the principle of discernment is presented as a valuable tool in separating truth from untruth along our “spiritual path”. Discernment means continually developing a context within ourselves, through trial and error, that helps us to answer psychological and spiritual (psycho-spiritual) questions, in favor of our growth. When we apply discernment to our journey, we highlight the endlessness of our path and pierce falsity.

Caplan engages John Welwood’s initial concept of “spiritual bypassing” to shed light on how esoteric practices present esoteric results without truly tapping into the traumas or neurosis of the Western psyche. When we exercise spirituality apart from the body, we are likely to spiritually bypass and avoid dealing with psycho-spiritual issues that have been repressed deeply within the body. If we understand our physical parts as contributing to the whole of our form, and the whole of whom we are as part of the pulsating divine force, it becomes more clear how illness and disease can be physical manifestations of a spiritual disconnect.

A series of four interactive meditation exercises are performed with gentle guidance from Caplan, some with partners, as we “drop into the body” to perceive emotional breaks, without breaking ourselves completely open. Prana ( or life force) follows attention so that as we transition from focus on pleasure to discomfort, these respective energies emerge from our cells memory, free to reveal hidden stories of psychological trauma trapped within us. Caplan challenge us to delicately expose and release these emotional wounds while in meditation. We employ non-rejection tantra, which allows our darker spaces to be engaged comfortably before regrouping attention on pleasurable feelings in the body. I experienced some difficulty evoking coherent images of psyche in the meditation, but I solidified the discernment of trusting these embodied ‘feelings’ as authentic to my spiritual self. I grew up with a lot of physical pain. I didn’t know it when I began yoga three years ago, but that was my introduction to embodied spirituality. Caplan explains, it is the postures or asanas that connect us to our body and not the move itself because holding a position is an internally motivated action. We are taking a ‘seat’ within ourselves, and attempting to be comfortable in it. It was during this exercise of psycho-spiritual troubleshooting that I was able to articulate how I felt myself to be fully on the path to de-fragmenting my mind-body connection, and that’s the best place to be!

Leyna Roget networks with community organizations and businesses to introduce the inspiring stories of Planet Progress and the developing works of iNDIGO PROjECT MEDIA. She captures on and off camera images for Blog posts, Twitter updates, and various other engaging platforms to bring the viewer into the company’s interconnected sphere. Leyna creates new outlets and sustainable community events that invite the public to interact with iPM.

World Spirituality Retreat: Day 1 – Welcoming Our Gifts to One Another

by Leyna Roget

Guests trickle into the Lotus Room, a versatile meeting space dedicated to the convergence of beautiful minds, energies and souls this week, for the 2nd Annual Practice Retreat on Love and Activism. This inviting atmosphere is housed in Rudramandir: A Center for Spirituality & Healing, a “house intended to destroy pain and suffering”. For the past five years, within the walls of Rudramandir, various meditative practices and holistic practitioners have lead people toward experiences that have helped them to “dispel the darkness in their lives”, says center manager David Lee.

As the group of international attendees enters the space, Marcy Baruch gently lulls us into relaxation by her voice and music, evoking lightness in our hearts from which to begin the week energized and relaxed. She welcomes us with her words, “Think about what you came here for…what you want to feel in this moment…the gifts that you want to bring…how do you want to feel when you leave? What do you want to bring to everyone?”

For those who are unfamiliar with the guiding principles of World Spirituality, Marc Gafni explains that we are here for the entire living global community. “We’re not here only for ourselves, but for the sake of the all”. We are all here as a representation of consciousness regardless of where we are in our relationships, work and spirit. World Spirituality has zero interest in creating another religion, Gafni continues, “it is a framework that will house many flowers” or expressions, on the evolution of consciousness and the cultivating of your ‘unique self’.

We’re asked to pair up into dyads and discuss what gifts each of us would like to receive and give while participating in this retreat. It’s clear this is merely the first of many intimate conversations we will have with one another, and more importantly with ourselves. I am especially moved by the personal story my partner shares, wanting to receive some distance from her hyper-cyber world, to be more deeply one with the “WE Community” that is already blossoming (and that Dustin DiPerna will speak more about on Thursday). Although we have just met, her genuine emotion about the journey to connect illuminates a desire to give the gifts of my unique self to others; presently through my writing and heartfelt communication.

Gafni wonderfully mentions, “the inside of consciousness is love….the evolution of consciousness is love…the essence of God is love”. I think when groups of people come together as a group, and with a teacher, everyone is on edge about the magic waiting to be unfolded…

Leyna Roget networks with community organizations and businesses to introduce the inspiring stories of Planet Progress and the developing works of iNDIGO PROjECT MEDIA. She captures on and off camera images for Blog posts, Twitter updates, and various other engaging platforms to bring the viewer into the company’s interconnected sphere.  Leyna creates new outlets and sustainable community events that invite the public to interact with iPM.

Marc Gafni’s Two-Week Teaching Tour in Germany: June 2011

Dr. Marc Gafni has been on a two-week teaching tour in Germany and we are delighted to welcome him back to the states this week!

While Dr. Marc was spreading the World Spirituality dharma, one of our good friends Mark Stollreiter, was able to capture and produce four beautiful teaching videos. He shared these rare teaching videos with us and we are thrilled to share them with our integral evolutionary community.

Originally produced by Mark Stollreiter

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Spiritually Incorrect: Some Remarks on the Teacher-Student Relationship by Marc Gafni

By Dr. Marc Gafni

Thank you for your kind invitation to comment on the Integrales forum position paper in regard to teacher-student relations. First let me congratulate you on this paper, which serves to initiate this important conversation. This topic is a worthy one in need of urgent address on many levels. Let me also commend your excellent deployment of the Integral framework in discussing these issues. It is the use of the Integral framework that allows for this discussion to hold the necessary complexity, multiples perspectives, and nuance that it deserves.

In broad terms, I agree with your conclusions in terms of the need for some essential standards in regard to spiritual teachers. Clearly we are all aware of the most horrific abuses that take place in the context of some pre-personal cults, as well as of some of the more subtle forms of psychological manipulation, financial dishonesty and sexual abuse that take place in these same contexts under the fig leaf of the teacher-student relationship for the sake of the dharma. To protect the potential victim and shield the powerless from the whims of the powerful is a core obligation of any community.

At the same time, as you indicate in your paper, much discernment in needed in this conversation to assure that the teacher-student function is upheld. For indeed, without this teacher-student function, both the transmission of wisdom as well as the personal and collective enlightenment of the interior face of the cosmos would be severely impaired. The teacher-student function is essential for these evolutionary goals.

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Unique Self and the Teacher-Student Relationship by Marc Gafni

by Marc Gafni

As many of you know, I have spent the last several years unpacking what I call Unique Self enlightenment. Let me share in a few short words, what I mean by Unique Self. Unique Self is not merely ego or personality, it is the essence that lies beneath and beyond your personality. More precisely, it is the personal face of essence. It is the unique God-spark living in you and as you. Your Unique Self is the infinite love intelligence, which is all that is—living in you, as you, and through you. It is the perspective of your enlightenment. Your Unique Perspective is sourced beyond any and all social, cultural and psychological conditioning. Classic enlightenment is what I call evolution beyond the exclusive identification with ego and the realization of one’s True Nature, which is sometimes called True Self. The New Enlightenment of Unique Self is a momentous leap beyond classical enlightenment. In Unique Self enlightenment, you realize that your enlightenment has a perspective. Your perspective has infinite value and dignity and is both the source and purpose of your existence. I have written about this in other places and mention it here in these few sentences because of the implications of this integral evolutionary understanding of enlightenment for the teacher-student relationship.

The Unique Self-teaching has two major implications in the spiritual context of teacher-student relationship. [Read more…]

Which Instrument are You in the World Spirituality Symphony?

by Marc Gafni & Mariana Caplan

Below are a few thoughts we would like to share in simple and clear terms in regard to why evolving a World Spirituality is the urgent need and great adventure of our time. We have jotted these thoughts down, also catalyzed by in-depth conversations with Ken Wilber and Tami Simon, who we are working closely with in catalyzing, articulating, and serving the emergence of the an authentic World Spirituality that has the potential to provide a context of meaning for hundreds of millions of people. This is a work in progress, but here are some preliminary thoughts.

Let us begin with a bold and audacious statement—not on our personal behalf, but on behalf of an incredible group of committed individuals from around the world who are coming together to catalyze and incarnate a new movement of spirit: World Spirituality. We believe that we are being called to articulate a vision of World Spirituality that speaks compellingly to the hundreds of millions of people who have moved beyond the religions or beyond exclusive identification with any one tradition. We believe that this may be one of the vital next moves in the evolution of consciousness.

We believe that World Spirituality is a desperately needed unifying principle which remembers and reminds us that what unites us is so much greater then what divides us.

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Get a Feel for Integral Spiritual Experience!

Never before has there been such a deep dive into this juicy, dynamic, and passionate territory, featuring so many gifted, innovative spiritual teachers. This gathering of teachers of renowned scholars and provocative leaders was more than eclectic—it was wild. And yet the scintillating multiple perspectives all found their fullest expression in an Integrally-informed framework, a stand-alone, comprehensive teaching that Marc Gafni has called the Three Stations of Love. Now you can have full access to this outrageous amount and caliber of content. Join us as we break open our minds and hearts to this bold new offering, right at the evolutionary edge of Love, itself.

This short clip features Marc Gafni’s opening invitation at ISE 2, photos of some of our favorite moments from the conference, and an amazing reading of Rumi that was performed by Coleman Barks over the soulful sounds of Grammy-winning cellist David Darling. We hope you enjoy!

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Integral Love Meditation – Audio

Love is more than just a feeling. Enlightened teachers through the ages have told us that love is the dynamic ground of all reality. If that’s true, then love can be seen as the actual force that drives evolution—the force the Greeks called Eros—as well as the enlivening joy that opens the heart.

So what is love, when we see it from both a personal and an evolutionary perspective? How do we find it, nurture it, and sustain it?

In this Integral Love Meditation, Dr. Marc Gafni guides us through the heart-gate of love and invites us to engage in a new Integral Love Practice.

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Marc Gafni: What is the Separate Self?

In this video teaching, Dr. Marc Gafni defines with his students during his annual five-day Urban Retreat in the Summer of 2010, the notion of Separate Self. What is the Separate Self? How do we know our True Self? Marc Gafni introduces and explains that each person is a skin encapsulated ego (to borrow the phrase) and needs to move beyond one’s Separate Self towards one’s True Self, ultimately realizing one’s Unique Self.

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A New Model of the Student-Teacher Relationship

I think those of us on the spiritual path could agree that the student-teacher relationship deserves an upgrade, not only for the 21st century practitioner-student, but also for the 21st century spiritual teacher. In this video, Dr. Marc Gafni shares with us the possibility of a new model of the student-teacher relationship. What characteristics do you think should be included in a new model of the student-teacher relationship for the 21st century?

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