September 22, 2021

Eros Audio Series: Sweetness and Sexuality

Join Dr. Marc Gafni in this free short audio clip. Tradition of sweetness is level three consciousness. The sexual will teach us the wisdom of every facet of life.


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Eros Audio Series: The Sexual Models the Erotic, but it Doesn’t Exhaust the Erotic

The fall of the temple symbolises the exile of the Erotic energy. Where did it go? The erotic is exiled in the sexual! We have to understand, that the sexual models the erotic, but it doesn’t exhaust the erotic.

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Eros Audio Series: Sacred Sexuality

Join Dr. Marc Gafni in this free short audio clip exploring the inner meaning of sacred sexuality versus fallen sexuality. This audio clip is from the Erotic and the Holy audio series. [Read more…]

Eros Audio Series: The Pseudo-Eros Trap: Avoiding Emptiness

In this audio clip, Dr. Marc Gafni explains what real Eros is and what pseudo-Eros is. Pseudo-Eros is how we try to avoid emptiness.

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Eros Audio Series: What is Divine Speech?

Listen to this free audioclip by Dr. Marc Gafni from his Erotic and Holy audio series.

The breakthrough to the other side happens in every facet of existence. It happens in an erotic conversation, when time stands still. To be engaged erotically, means the same as to be holy: being in the inside of an event.

The Maggid of Mezritch, a great Hassidic master once said, “If you can hear yourself talking, sit down”! That is the exile of speech, Galut Ha-dibbur, in Hebrew. In this speech is the Goddess Divine, Shekinah. The exile of the divine is when you can hear yourself talking, because you stepped outside.

The Zohar, the book of Aramaic Hebrew mysticism says “a river flows from Eden” – to be in that river is to be in the flow, which is exactly the Eros space. In another Kabbalist story, Hanoch the cobbler stitches his shoes, and the text say “the heavens begin to move and transform.” What is he doing when he stitches his shoes? Nothing else, but stitching his shoes. He is totally one with that action: he is in the inside of it, and so he becomes the Shekinah, the erotic itself. The divine is in exile, when the inside and the outside are disconnected. [Read more…]

Eros Audio Series: Fullness of Presence

Listen to this free audioclip by Dr. Marc Gafni in his Erotic and the Holy audio series.

The second quality of the Erotic of Shekinah of the Zohar is fullness of presence. This is not the same as being on the inside. You can actually be fully present, but not in the inside. There is a story about a 19th century Kabbalist master, Levi Isaac of Berdichev, who was able to be fully present. Once a Jewish girl joined the convent and that was completely unaccepted at that time so she shouldn’t have been there. The community sent all the wise men of the region to the convent to persuade her to leave. On one day Levi Isaac of Berdichev went there and sat behind a tree and started to wait. He had been waiting for three days altogether. Two days went by and nothing happened, but on the third day, the woman walked there after the convent and she said: “Oh, it’s you! Thank you for waiting!” What did she sense in the temple? What did the master do? Dr. Gafni explains it in this audio clip, along with the notion, that Eros is about presence.

Berdichev was present; the woman sensed it and responded to that presence. Presence is about fullness, the opposite of emptiness. The ability to hold the fullness of presence even in the face of emptiness. We always seek fulfillment in our culture – we want to be full and filled at any cost. Life is what we do with our emptiness. Not the Buddhist emptiness, but the simple emptiness. We have a difficult time to stay in the void, we therefore do a-void-dance, but the only way is not dancing around it, but going through it. And we can do this by precisely staying in the emptiness. [Read more…]

Eros and World Spirituality: 2 audio teachings by Dr. Marc Gafni

The Temple Mysteries and the Next Stage in the Evolution of Sex!
Dr. Marc Gafni teaches about the ancient Temple Mysteries, in accordance with great esoteric kabbalistic tradition. Gafni, through his unique mixture of love, transmission, and esoteric teachings brings the temple mysteries to the modern and postmodern world.

At the center of the mystery are the two cherubs.
On the top of the Lost Ark in the Holy of Holies of the Jerusalem temple, there are two cherubs in radical sexual embrace! Why are love making cherubs the primary image in the holy of holies of the Jerusalem Temple. And why does the biblical tradition teach that God’s voice speaks from between the cherubs?

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