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March 30, 2023

3rd Annual Mystery School and 1st European Integral Wisdom Conference on Love, Eros and Enlightenment

Summer Festival Icon

Spring has arrived, and we are excited to announce our 3rd Annual Mystery School, and our 1st Annual European Integral Wisdom Conference, both to occur during the week of our Summer Festival of Love at the Venwoude Integral Practice Community in Holland, the week of July 26 – August 2.

Being a scholarly think-tank, we do like to exercise a certain amount of restraint in describing our events, but honestly, we are still carrying the “Holy Buzz” from the Summer Festival and Mystery School of last year. We have received enthusiastic reports from all participants throughout the year, and clearly, the Summer Festival of Love has become a signature event for the Center for Integral Wisdom. Promotional Flyer here—>

Last year, 150 participants attended, filling all of the accommodations. This year Venwoude has promised room for 200 participants, and an early registration is recommended. Register here—>

Mauk Pieper, Chahat Corten and Dr Marc at the 2013 Summer Festival of Love

Mauk Pieper, Chahat Corten and Dr Marc at the 2013 Summer Festival of Love


With Marc Gafni leading, our previous Mystery Schools have attracted many participants from all over Europe and the Americas, contributing to the expansion of our European Center for Integral Wisdom faculty. Our faculty members in both Europe and the Americas are vital links in evolving the source code of human consciousness in all of our cultural and professional spheres.



Marc Venwoude 2013This seems to be true for all of our events. People come, and most are deeply moved and awakened by the power of the experience, and many decide they wish to become part of the Center for Integral Wisdom think tank. If you look at our Leadership pages and Scholars page, most of these amazing individuals came into the think tank after attending the Mystery School or Wisdom School at Shalom Mountain, or one of our other events. We invite you to discover your Unique Self at this year’s Summer Festival of Love in Holland. Register here—>

Promotional Flyer here—>


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