February 28, 2017

John Mackey: Evolve new paths of business leadership

Whole Foods

By Joe Perez

Big Think summarizes a recent interview with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, with the phrase, “Congratulations, You’ve Succeeded! Now, Its Time To Evolve.”

The interview’s big idea?

Letting your business follow its own path can be difficult. There is the risk of losing control, of overextending your resources. Clearly, the evolution of a company’s purpose has to be managed intelligently. But the potential benefits are immeasurable. By valuing and incorporating the visions of your stakeholders, you can crowdsource ideas that keep the organization creatively competitive while honing its brand. You can create a community of evangelists committed to your success. And you can discover new, unexpected sources of vitality to drive your company’s future.

In part, Mackey appears to be communicating some points about Integral Leadership, a style of management based on “flex and flow” tenets.

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