July 19, 2018

Satisfaction and Greed: Distinction between Unique Self and Ego #4

thumb_COLOURBOX3022407By Dr. Marc Gafni in Your Unique Self

Your separate self is driven by greed. Greed is not the want of anything specific. Rather, it is insatiable want that creates perpetual anxiety. Insatiable want is a structure of the egoic mind, which seeks more and more identity enhancers to confirm its existence. Satisfaction and ego are opposites.

Give the ego everything, and it will not be satisfied. Give the Unique Self anything, and it will be grateful and satisfied. Satisfied, not resigned. Satisfaction emerges from the fullness of whatever the moment brings.

Satisfaction comes from contact with Being and from doing your radical, intense best in the world of Becoming without attachment to outcome. Being is all one, so any moment of Authentic Being gives infinite satisfaction. Becoming is an expression of the evolutionary impulse and not merely of the egoic drive to achieve. So for Unique Self, your very best is always good enough. For your ego, your very best is never good enough. This is why the ego is the source of all your suffering. It always wants more to fill its greed.

Greed, however, is not a root evil. At its core, greed is your ego’s distortion of a quality of essence, the quality of pure infinite desire. Infinite desire is the natural expression of the endless creativity of essence.  It is this quality that creates constant yearning, especially the yearning to grow, to create. This yearning, however, lives in paradoxical harmony with satisfaction.

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Further discussion:

The expression of greed in our lives is not just limited to accumulation of money. In much the way this distinction describes, greed at its root is not evil, but is rather the ego’s distortion of “pure infinite desire.” The personality type Five in the Enneagram, sometimes called “the investigator,” knows well many other tastes of greed beyond money. For Fives, greed often takes the shape of ego-stinginess, which leads to amassing of knowledge that is often not shared (accompanied by a lack of awareness for the Five that he or she has amassed enough knowledge to share) or a hoarding of other resources, like time and energy. What this Unique Self and ego distinction teaches is that deep and holy constant yearning live in paradoxical harmony with satisfaction.  This means that someone who identifies as a Five Enneagram type learns to follow what Eli Jaxon-Bear calls their “holy path” toward higher integration at Enneagram type Eight, which is the holy activist, leader, or challenger.  The Five learns to move from hoarding to a place of contributing strongly to a group, moving their resources private to shared, and balancing their longed for stores of time, space, energy, money, knowledge, etc. with satisfaction, moving into greater and greater service as ego-stinginess is relaxed.


What form does greed take in YOUR life and how is it a distortion of your Unique Self’s constant yearning to grow or create?

How do longing and satisfaction find balance when you are acting from Unique Self?

How do you personally practice with or access constant yearning and/or the infinite satisfaction that comes from making contact with Authentic Being?

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For more discussion of Enneagram types, view Eli Jaxon-Bear’s book From Fixation to Freedom, a book that represents his approach to helping students address egoic identification using the Enneagram as a vehicle for self-inquiry and realization of true freedom.


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