October 28, 2016

Community of Contributors

There are plenty of ways to become a contributor for the Center for Integral Wisdom–as part of the Board, the Scholars, the Wisdom Council–taking those pieces of the Dharma that speak to you deeply and bring in your unique area of expertise, skills, talents, and unique creativity. Contact us if you are interested.

Here is a beautiful account of the 4th Annual Board Meeting in February 2014 to give you a sense of this special community:


Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

Recently 40 distinguished souls came together for work as a team in a community of outrageous lovers. It was the 4th annual retreat for the Board Members of the Center for World Spirituality (soon to be officially renamed the Center for Integral Wisdom).

It was a weekend of creation, vision, implementation, manifestation and outrageous love. We were hosted in the beautiful home of board member (and future author of one of the core books) Terry Nelson. Terry and Betsey took the word gracious and hospitality up to a whole new level.

Lori GalperinCroppedOn the opening night, we deeply thanked Lori Galperin for her great work in stewarding the board this last two crucial years. We were also delighted to hear from our board of trustees chair John Mackey (more on that below).

Kate-Maloney2We were beyond delighted to welcome Kate Maloney as our new board chair and Venu and Vinay Julapalli as vice chairs and to welcome new board members: Philippe Joannis, Carol Herndon, Paul Bennett, Dr. Raj Dhillon, Carrie Kish, Claire Mollinard, TBird Tonya Ridgely, Gabrielle Sundra, John Tarcza, John Thompson, Kerstin Zohar Tuschik, Andrea Albright-Benson, Andrea Nakayama, and Sean Wilkinson.

We were also so happy to read the first iteration of the board member covenant by Liza Braude-Glidden, the new coordinator of Inward Facing Culture. We approved last year’s activity and this year’s budget and vision. And we had a great Sunday night gathering (as we have in years past) at the house where some twenty of us stayed — arranged in Dutch style by our Holland contingent led by spiritual teacher Chahat Corten assisted ably by Elly Mollema.

Ken-Wilber-headshotThere was a featured blow-away presentation by the co-initiator of the Center and leading Integral voice, Giga Pandit (as Marc calls him) Ken Wilber who reflected upon our name change for Center for World Spirituality to Center for Integral Wisdom. It was a stunning articulation of Integral Wisdom and the vision of the Center.

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

There was also a brilliant presentation by a Board of Trustees Chair John Mackey which laid out the animating vision of our upcoming international conference on Conscious Entrepreneurship, along with a funny and insightful opening talk by Eben Pagan, a beautiful remembering of our beginnings by Mariana Caplan, a stunning meditation by Sally Kempton, and a three-hour off the charts dialogue between Michael Murphy and Marc Gafni. Really it is difficult to describe the level of depth, excitement and creativity that was in the room. But most of all it was about community, vision and outrageous love.

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

We talked about the core Integral wisdom teaching that we are committed to articulating and evolving and delivering into the source code of meaning. Much discussion revolved around new visions of Integral Unique Self applied in key fields such as business, education, medicine and more. Deep discussion also evolved our other core commitments: A vision of what we have termed World Spirituality, Evolutionary Love, Outrageous Love, Conscious Entrepreneurship, new visions of success and the good life, Conscious Eros, and Digital Intimacy.

The excitement in the room was palpable all through the weekend as the leadership body connected with its purpose: to work in the world humbly and audaciously, co-enacting our world as Evolutionary Unique Selves. As Dr. Marc Gafni reminds us, this is a world of outrageous pain, the only response to which is outrageous love. Our love for each other grew over the weekend while we simultaneously conducted essential business. Marc guided the subtle energy of the conversation—to borrow Sally Kempton’s phrase, as a master “love weaver.”

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

He introduced every person with such perception, love and depth that everyone felt recognized in the circle. Everyone talked about how what drew them to the Center was the evolutionary vision we all share to unfold a shared language of meaning for the next millennium. Everyone talked about how their own Unique Self was realized and their autonomy deepened in the profound communion of outrageous love which lies at the core of the Center’s Ethos and Eros.

On Saturday morning, Marc opened the day with the question, “How do we enact the Unique Self symphony in our space?” Taking a cue from The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet by Ramez Naam, which Marc recommended highly, he proposed a new paradigm for enacting growth. “The new Jedi knight is to be an entrepreneur,” he said. “We live in an entrepreneurial universe in which quarks seek higher levels of embrace to create atoms. We are expressions of the entrepreneurial universe.”

Over two days, many Board members gave updates on projects. Many of them are in close collaboration with Marc. Sometimes Marc is the lead writer, other times a co-author, and still other times he works with the writer to integrally inspire, inform and guide the project so that it deepens and expresses in a new way the outrageous love, and the integral, Unique Self perspective of the Center.

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

By the retreat’s end, every board member was deeply immersed in the co-creation of our vision. Virtually every board member is involved in some significant way, whether that is funding, writing a book, leading an initiative or all of the above.

The Dharma of CIW is continually evolving, and we learned some of the latest and greatest developments. Most of all, we built relationships with each other that will transcend one meeting, fructifying in myriad ways.

Here is the list of board members with their projects in the order of appearance:

  • The source code book which will inform all of the other books is by Marc and Ken. It is being specially funded. We look forward to its completion.
  • Kate Maloney — She is co-authoring a book on the Spirit of Success and leading an international conference bringing together dozens of the world’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change-agents to share their insights on the power of conscious business to incite social change. She is partnering as well in the new Outrageous Love project portals (of our new web presence).
  • Annie Lalla — She has just joined the board and is co-authoring Sex Beyond Shame: The Seven Levels of Sexing. Marc and Annie just finished delivering a highly successful telecourse by that name and our collaborating on a new venture next year. To be announced.
  • Warren Farrell — He is co-authoring a book, Beyond Mars and Venus, together with Marc and John Gray.
  • Lori Galperin — She is developing a newly emergent form of “Unique Self Recovery” and co-authoring book by the same title.
  • Tom Goddard — He is co-authoring the World Spirituality Practice guide.
  • Kristina Kincaid — She is leading the Outrageous Love project, which includes co-authoring a book and leading the development of a new arm of the Center – the “Outrageous Love Letters” and “Outrageous Acts of Love” web presences and worlds.
  • Venu and Vinay Julapalli — They are leading a project on bringing Unique Self into the hospital system. You find their white paper linked below.
  • Tonya (Tbird Luv) Ridgely — She is developing an international “Dharma party movement” as a platform for bringing the Unique Self teaching to a wide audience and co-authoring Unique Risk.
  • Chahat Corten — She is organizing the first Annual Integral Wisdom Conference on Relationships and Sexuality (aka Summer Festival of Love aka Mystery School of Love) in Europe (Holland) where Marc will hold the Dharma space and there will be 10 excellent faculty members teaching from Venwoude and all over the world. She is also funding and editing a book of Marc’s teaching called Loving Your Way to Enlightenment.
  • Philippe Joannis — He is working to get Your Unique Self published in French translation and stepped into running the Conscious Entrepreneur Portal as well as partnering in the Outrageous Love Projects.
  • Cory Glazier — He is holding the “All In for All Life – Conscious Society & Integral Politics” portal on the CIW webplex and is co-authoring a manifesto on All in for All Life.
  • Mark Schwartz — He is helping to bring Unique Self into the world of psychotherapy and is visioning a possible work on relationships.
  • Adael Bullock — She is a senior editor in the think tank and developing the first of a series of volumes called “Teachings from the Holy of Holies.”
  • Liza Braude-Glidden — She is writing a book called Evolutionary Kinship and a white paper on entrepreneurship.
  • Victoria Myer — She is the Treasurer (in addition to her duties as a leader of the Shalom Mountain Wisdom School).
  • Vidyuddeva — He is liberating sparks of Buddhism, weaving them into new configurations of light informed by the Unique Self Teaching and is co-authoring some “bad ass” essays on life and love.
  • Carol Herndon and Paul Bennett — As Paul takes on leadership of the Integral Wisdom Press imprint, the two of them are working bringing Unique Self into the world of extraordinary marriages and co-authoring a work around this.
  • Kerstin Tuschik — She is leading the webplex project, writing a unique statement about Marc’s vision of Dharma, “The Unique Self and World Spirituality Vision of Dharma, Lineage, Transmission, and the Student-Teacher Relationship” and holding the space of an emergent book on Unique Shadow. She is also emerging as a Dharma Teacher and Lineage Holder and developing the German CIW.
  • INriel Salvaor Romero — He represents team Enfusionize which is holding the design, development and vision of the CIW web presence (see below for more detail).
  • Carrie Kish — She is doing work on leadership which ties in with the work of other board members finding her unique place in the Center.
  • Megwyn White — As Director of Digital Intimacy, she is looking at using technological tools as a way to become more connected to the body.She is co-authoring a book called Digital Intimacy as a part of this work.
  • Claire Molinard — She is working with Barbara Alexander to head up our Unique Self Coaching program. They will be publishing a Unique Self coaching manual and putting up a Unique Self coaching Website.
  • Adam Gilad — He is working with Marc on a new course on the six levels of success – a new generation of success literature by applying Marc’s teachings on the 6 Levels of Pleasure to success. He is also co-authoring a novel on love.
  • Mauk Pieper — The senior philosopher/teacher in Europe, he produced a workshop about conscious capitalism in Holland with Prof. Paul de Blot, Dr. Marc Gafni, and Ken Wilber (per Skype) in February.
  • Sean Wilkinson and John Thompson — They are exploring Unique Self Communication – what happens when two Unique Selves meet? – and committed to write a short piece on Unique Self Communication.
  • Kristen Ulmer — Head of CIW Sports for two years, she is working on a book about making friends with fear and will be leading the new Unique Self Sports Portal.
  • Terry Nelson — He is working on a book for coaches called “The Only True Vocation.”
  • Mike Ginn — He is supporting Fred Jealous, a well-known family/trauma therapist who is co-authoring book about the evolutionary masculine.
  • John Tarcza — He is working with the Digital Intimacy project, moving from “interface thinking” to “innerface thinking.”
  • Timothy Wilken — He wrote a paper on the scientific analysis of Unique Self.
  • Shawn Ramer — He is trained as a scientist and works in corporate America and in the Wisdom School world and is a close and important supporter and holder of space for the center.
  • Joe Perez — He is bringing Integral Wisdom and Unique Self to the gay community through website and social media work.
  • Peter Britton — Owner and manager of Brick Ends Farm, Inc., a bio-recycling company specializing in the composting of organic wastes and the production of enhanced soil products, he is interested in taking Unique Self to Rwanda.
  • Steve Raymond — As a Unique Self teacher who believes in changing the “source code” of our times, he is bringing the Unique Self teaching into the world.
  • Raj Dhillon — He is bringing the Unique Self vision into parenting.
  • Keith Bellamy — Through Integral Publishers, he is publishing and marketing Marc Gafni’s “Tears” and other books.
  • Lesley Freeman — As Director of Communications and Secretary of the board, she helps to run the Center, manage projects, and bring systems to a new level.

Special Project in Progress: The New Web-Plex

Development of the elegant and interactive new “Web-Plex” for the Center for Integral Wisdom is in full swing and will be launched in months ahead.

The project began with 4 pre-existing websites which are being re-designed into a complex of inter-related sites and [what we've come to call] “portals”, with more than 2,000 posts & pages, 3,000+ pieces of media, and involving the coordination of our two very creative and able teams.

Inriel Salvador Romero (head of Team Enfusionize) and Kerstin Tuschik (CIW project team) gave the Board a powerful Sneak Preview.

Inriel shared insights into the stunning design and functionalities of this very complex Web presence – one that will serve as a library of media, articles, and courses & products; a blog (announcing new developments and offering comment on world events); as well as a community forum. A progressive rollout of all the portals and sites is planned for Spring through Summer.

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis

Photo by Board Member Philippe Joannis


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